War Of Terror Update: Iraq
Iran helped end fighting in Iraq: Iraqi party advisor (Reuters/Yahoo 4/408)
How the US Army just got schooled by Sadr’s ‘rag tag’ Iraqi army (Alternet 4/4/08)
Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil (Asia Times 4/3/08)
US document confirms Iraq dungeon (Consortium News 3/27/08)
EXCERPT: “A classified memo written by the top U.S. military officer in western Iraq reveals that a prison in downtown Fallujah is so overcrowded and dirty that it does not even meet basic “minimal levels of hygiene for human beings.” The classified document, leaked to the Web site Wikileaks where whistleblowers can “reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations,” was authenticated by the organization and has not been challenged by the U.S. military when asked about it. The memo contains other shocking revelations about conditions at the jail, including a massive shortage of food and water. The prison is said to be run by Iraqi officials. U.S. Marines oversee operation of the facility.”
US Spy Boss: Iraq WMD Intel Failure “a bad hair day” (ABC 3/18/08)
“At another point, Fingar [deputy director of National Intelligence for analysis and chairman of the National Intelligence Council] called the U.S. assessment of whether Iraq had nuclear weapons “the single worst product” he had seen in his 38 years serving in various U.S. intelligence agencies.”
Iraq War as War Crime: Part One and Two (Consortium News 3/18-19/08)
Riding to War on a Poison Cloud: how the forgotten city of Halabjah became the launch pad for the war in Iraq (Global Research 3/12/08)
“We are living through another Hiroshima” Iraqi doctor says (Uruknet 3/23/08)
EXCERPT: “The U.S., Great Britain and Israel are turning portions of the Middle East into a slice of radioactive hell. They are achieving this by firing what they call “depleted uranium” (DU) ammunition but which is, in fact, radioactive ammunition and it is perhaps the deadliest kind of tactical ammo ever devised in the warped mind of man.” 
“There’s a ton of data about this on the Internet for the skeptics: from sources such as the 1999 report of the International Atomic Energy Commission to oncologist members of England’s Royal Society of Physicians to U.S. Veterans Administration hospital nuclear medicine doctors to officials at the Basra maternity and pediatric hospital to reporter Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor. Peterson used a Geiger counter in August, 2003 to find radiation readings between 1,000 and 1,900 times normal where bunker buster bombs and munitions had exploded near Baghdad. After all, a typical bunker bomb is said to contain more than a ton of depleted uranium.”“For a concise overview on radioactive warfare, read “DU And The Liberation of Iraq” by Christian Scherrer, a researcher at the Hiroshima Peace Institute, published on Znet on April 13, 2003. Scherrer states: “Based on the report of the 48th meeting issued by the UN Committee dealing with effects of Atomic radiation on 20th April 1999, noting the rapid increase in mortality caused by DU between 1991 and 1997, the IAEA document predicted the death of half a million Iraqis, noting that…’some 700-800 tons of depleted uranium was used in bombing the military zones south of Iraq. Such a quantity has a radiation effect, sufficient to cause 500,000 cases which may lead to death.”

“Scherrer writes, “In 1991 the DU ammunition was mainly used against Iraqi tanks in the desert near Basra, while in the present war DU is being used all over Iraq, even in densely populated areas including the heart of Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit and other cities.” He adds that, based on IAEA estimates and his previous research, “the death toll may surpass a million deaths over the next few years, with more to follow!”

Flashback: UK apologizes for using British soldiers dressed as Arabs to plant bombs (Global Research 10/15/05)
Pentagon rules out Admiral Fallon testifying before Congress (AP/Yahoo 3/22/08)
Adm. Fallon: Centcom gig was ‘career detonating’ (TPMuckraker 3/11/08)
Five Years in Iraq (Mia Culpa blog 3/29/08)
These videos are a special report on the state of Iraq from British newscaster Jon Snow. Some of the images are most graphic, so consider yourselves warned. This series was done on the ‘anniversary’ March 19 of 5 years of occupation forces in Iraq.
Replaying the Iraq War’s Greatest Hits – 5 years on (MotherJones 3/22/08)
AP President: US arrests journalists in Iraq to control information (Raw Story 3/19/08)
Baghdad: City of Walls – Is the surge working? A short film courtesy of Guardian Films (3/18/08)
“In the first of Ghaith Abdul-Ahad’s extraordinary series of films to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, he investigates the claims that the US military surge is bringing stability to Iraq. By travelling through the heart of Baghdad he exposes how, by enclosing the Sunni and Shia populations behind 12ft walls, the surge has left the city more divided and desperate than ever.”
Asked about 2/3rds of Americans opposed to Iraq War, Cheney says “SO?”, then goes fishing with a sultan (Raw Story 3/19/08)
Blackwater contract to be renewed (CNN 4/4/08)
Boeing cuts deal to sell jets to Iraq (Alternet 4/1/08)
Fever named after Blackwater (Global Research 3/26/08)
Chevron in talks to tap Iraq’s oil (San Francisco Chronicle 3/25/08)
Iraq contractors fight suit over toxic exposure: want to use KBR’s own loophole to hang it (Boston Globe 3/25/08)
EXCERPT: “When the American team arrived in Iraq in the summer of 2003 to repair the Qarmat Ali water injection plant, supervisors told them the orange, sand-like substance strewn around the looted facility was just a “mild irritant,” workers recall. The workers got it on their hands and clothing every day while racing for 2 1/2 months to meet a deadline to get the plant, a crucial part of Iraq’s oil infrastructure, up and running. But the chemical turned out to be sodium dichromate, a substance so dangerous that even limited exposure greatly increases the risk of cancer. Soon, many of the 22 Americans and 100-plus Iraqis began to complain of nosebleeds, ulcers, and shortness of breath. Within weeks, nearly 60 percent exhibited symptoms of exposure, according to the minutes of a meeting of project managers from KBR, the Houston-based construction company in charge of the repairs.”
More on this KBR case (Raw Story 3/25/08)


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