Global War of Terror Update

US strikes in Pakistan – without notice (PrisonPlanet 2/19/08)

The original source seems to be MSNBC – MSNBC directs you to Washington Post, where the article is no longer found either. This story spread like wildfire on the internet, but Google’s ‘news’ results only show the pulled MSNBC article. Must be important.

What would a cluster bomb do to your neighborhood? Find out here (Friends Committee on National Legislation)

Nobel-winning economist Stiglitz says Iraq war may cost over $5 Trillion (via MParent 3/2/08)
Flashback: Pentagon devising martial law plans (World Socialists 8/05)
Afghanistan: The Brutal and Unnecessary War the Media Aren’t Telling You About (Alternet 2/26/08)
Pentagon official who suggested all Guantanamo trials are rigged is quitting (TP Muckraker 2/25/08)
Canada’s Secret War in Iraq (Global Research 2/17/08)
Contractors outnumber troops (AP 2/2/08)
Blackwater dropped blinding tear gas on Iraqis and US soldiers in 2005 (Raw Story 1/10/08)
Vets Break Silence on War Crimes (IPS 2/28/08)

“U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are planning to descend on Washington from Mar. 13-16 to testify about war crimes they committed or personally witnessed in those countries.”

Russia forgives $12 Billion Iraq oil debt; makes new friend (AFP via Raw Story 2/11/08)
Information Operation Roadmap: Information Warfare Without Limits (KnowledgeDrivenRevolution via MParent 2/19/08)
Confessions of a Gitmo Guard: A Nightmare World of Torture and Prison Guard Suicides (CounterPunch 2/26/08)

EXCERPTS: “Dr. John R. Smith, 75, is a Oklahoma City psychiatrist who has done worked at military posts during the past few years. He is also a consultant for the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services, and is affiliated with the Veteran’s Affairs Administration Hospital in Oklahoma City. The court-appointed psychiatric examination of Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, was conducted by Smith. A few years ago, he became a contract physician, treating active duty members of the US military in need of psychotherapy. Smith spoke on February 22, 2008, at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, held in Washington DC. His presentation dealt with the psychological impact on guards of working at Guantánamo . He focused on a chilling case history, of a patient he called “Mr. H.”

“Smith said his presentation at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting was the first time he’d ever spoken publicly about his Guantánamo patients. He decided to talk, he said, because he is concerned that veterans are generally ineligible for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) disability benefits if the condition is not caused by combat. He considers the guards of Guantánamo “an overlooked group of victims.” But in making that case, Smith stepped into a unique role. Heretofore, almost all accounts of torture at Guantánamo have come from non-governmental human rights groups or detainees and their defense lawyers. The FBI accounts in 2004 were contradictory. Smith, a prestigious physician, relayed accounts from inside the military.”

White House Spokesperson claims no permanent US bases anywhere in the world – Guantanamo ‘doesn’t count’ (AFP via Raw Story 2/13/08)
Cuba demands US leave Guantanamo (Herald Sun, Australia 2/14/08)
273 nuke handling deficiencies cited since 2001 (ArmyTimes 2/12/08)
The Psychology of Killing: Close In or Far Away? (Col. Dan Smith, CounterPunch 2/12/08)
The Elephant at Gitmo: Camp 7 and the Torturer’s Shrink (CounterPunch 2/12/08)
You Need To See This: More Photos from Abu Ghraib (Wired 2/28/08)
Inside the World of War Profiteers (Chicago Tribune via MParent 2/2108)

The original Chicago Tribune article is 404.

Generals to quit if US strikes Iran (PressTV 2/26/08)
Halliburton/State Dept rape reports get worse and worse (via MParent 2/28/08)
Police and other law enforcement to be given access to real-time satellite and infrared imagery (AP/Google 2/12/08)
Court rejects rendition lawsuit against Boeing (Reuters/The Age 2/14/08)
Bush compares Guantanamo trials to Nuremberg (AP/Raw Story 2/12/08)

Make note that Bush believes “execution as punishment for extreme violations of the laws of war is internationally accepted”. He’s certainly been responsible for the deaths of  hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people.

Military imperialism as a means of national suicide (Populist America 2/9/08)
US Weapons Systems: Bush policies undermine science (Global Research 2/17/08) 

EXCERPT: “The Bush administration’s persistent interference in the work of federal scientists has cut experts out of top-level discussions of bioterrorism and served to punish researchers who questioned one White House nuclear weapon initiative, a science watchdog organization said yesterday (see GSN, May 10, 2007).During the first day of a major science conference here, the Union of Concerned Scientists issued a report accusing the executive branch of committing a host of abuses over the last seven years. Included among 17 distinct charges are allegations that federal officials misrepresented or simply fabricated scientific data, suppressed certain findings, and pressured scientists to change reports in favor of administration positions.”

Video: A History of Evil (YouTube via BoingBoing 2/27/08)
Video: A Short History of Psychological Terror (1 hr, YouTube 2/7/08)

“Alfred McCoy, Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, explores the history and use by the CIA of psychological torture in terms of how this particular form of torture was discovered, perfected and made legal.”

History: A Century of War (review via MParent 2/11/08)
VIDEO: Occupation 101 Trailer (4 minutes, Google Video)

Citizens fighting for freedom from occupation

Video: Shooting War: The Horror of Iraq Goes Graphic (Alternet 12/8/07)

Editor’s note: The video to the right is a trailer film based on Shooting War, a full-color 192-page hardcover graphic novel written by Anthony Lappé and drawn by Dan Goldman. Shooting War has received growing attention from audiences and the press in recent months. AlterNet published a review of Shooting War: “It’s the year 2011. John McCain is our unpopular president, the war in Iraq rages on, gasoline is $10 a gallon, and Tom Cruise and Mary-Kate Olsen have just called it quits. When videoblogger Jimmy Burns captures on camera a suicide bomb blast that rocks a Brooklyn Starbucks (destroying his apartment above), he’s immediately hired by maverick network Global News and packed off to Iraq.”

The most important video on the internet” (9 minutes, YouTube)

“On April 15, 2008…General Strike – do not work, go to school or buy gasoline or anything else, withdraw most of your money from your bank, cancel your cable TV propaganda machine. Protest the Federal Reserve, big media propaganda and your enslavement!”


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