Bahrain king cements army rule (BBC 1/7/08)
Compilation: Israeli Child Killers: Murdering Children for Sport (Revisionist History 4/5/02)
Israel to get ‘smarter’ US bombs than Saudis (Reuters/Yahoo 1/13/08)
CIA said Israel had nuclear weapons in 1974 (Haaretz 1/13/08)
520 Israeli assaults on medics and ambulances in 2007 (Palestinian Red Crescent via Ma’an News)
Israel tests new long range missile (AP/Google 1/17/08)
Israeli Brutality: IDF soldiers in their own words (via MParent 12/11/07)
Israeli PM having nuclear bunker built at home (YNet 12/20/07)

EXCERPT: “As part of the push to protect Israel’s leaders from a non-conventional attack, the paper wrote, Israel is also building a giant nuclear bunker in the hills several kilometers (miles) outside Jerusalem that will be accessible via a tunnel leading from government offices inside the city. The bunker is supposed to house the military’s headquarters and top government officials if the country comes under nuclear attack. Work on the bunker began several years ago and is expected to end in 2011, the report said.”

Canadian probe blames IDF for UN observer deaths in Lebanon (Haaretz 2/2/08)
Palestine: A Daily Exercise in Humiliation (GlobeAndMail, Canada 12/18/07) 
People Power in Gaza: They Simply Did It (CounterPunch 2/1/08)


Britain is slithering down the road to a police state (Guardian, UK 2/6/08)

EXCERPT: “The machine is out of control. Personal surveillance in Britain is so extensive that no democratic oversight is remotely plausible. Some 800 organisations, including the police, the revenue, local and central government, demanded (and almost always got) 253,000 intrusions on citizen privacy in the last recorded year, 2006. This is way beyond that of any other country in the free world.”

Britain to claim more than 1 sq km of Antarctica (Guardian 10/17/07)

EXCERPT: “The United Kingdom is planning to claim sovereign rights over a vast area of the remote seabed off Antarctica, the Guardian has learned. The submission to the United Nations covers more than 1m sq km (386,000 sq miles) of seabed, and is likely to signal a quickening of the race for territory around the south pole in the world’s least explored continent. The claim would be in defiance of the spirit of the 1959 Antarctic treaty, to which the UK is a signatory. It specifically states that no new claims shall be asserted on the continent. The treaty was drawn up to prevent territorial disputes.”

UK jails considering RFID implants for all prisoners (EnGadget 1/14/08)
Energy price fixing rip-off exposed (Times, UK 1/13/08)
Britain overtakes US as top World Bank donor (NYTimes 12/15/07)
Stolen from Scotland Yard: Top Secret Entry Codes to 73 Police Stations (ThisIsLondon 1/7/08)

UK records its’ citizens 24/7 on CCTV and sells the videos on 500 GB disks (ComputerVision via MParent 1/30/08)
Britain could get 60% of its’ electricity until 2060 from nuclear waste (Treehugger 12/23/07)

Lethal Cover-up: Britain’s Worst Water Poisoning Scandal (Daily Mail,UK 12/14/07)

EXCERPTS: “A relief delivery driver turned up at the local Lowermoor water treatment works on the edge of Bodmin Moor with a 20-ton load of highly caustic aluminium sulphate, which is used to clear cloudy water ready for drinking. The toxic chemical was accidentally tipped into the wrong tank, feeding water to Camelford. Ninety minutes later, out of the taps in a 140-square-mile area of Cornwall, came a foul water which poisoned everyone who drank it…. But finally, after two decades of stone-walling by the authorities, alarming facts about the Camelford water incident are beginning to emerge.

This week, a coroner opening the inquests of two women who lived in the area at the time called for a new police investigation into the tragedy. He said the Devon and Cornwall constabulary must “look into the allegations of a possible cover-up”. He acted following the discovery that both dead women had “high levels” of aluminium in their brains, which could not have got there by chance.

“Disturbingly, the tests on the women are the first of their kind although it is thought that up to 20,000 local people and 10,000 holidaymakers – like Angela – unwittingly drank the Camelford water in the hours and days after the spillage. Hundreds began to suffer effects after drinking or bathing – including skin peeling, hands and lips sticking together, hair turning green and fingernails blue. By nightfall that day, people were vomiting and had diarrhoea. Next morning, many had skin burns, aching joints and mouth ulcers that took weeks to heal…. “No one knows what the long-term effects will be of feeding a baby and a toddler amounts of water that contained between 500 and 3,000 times the maximum levels of aluminium that was safe.”… “At least 50,000 fish were killed, and 40 lambs in one field where they drank from a mains tap died or were very ill. The 200 animals in a field nearby which had drunk spring water remained well. “Pigs, dogs, rabbits and cattle became sick. Over 40 Muscovy ducklings died at one farm, 1,300 hens at another. “Yet they kept saying humans couldn’t be hurt by it. Well if animals, why not people?”

Native way of life vanishing into Canadian clearcut (ZMag 10/16/07)
“The community says that 50 percent of their traditional lands have already been clear-cut by multinational logging companies, and the current licenses issued by Ontario authorities will permit continued clear-cutting for more than 25 more years.”
France Recolonizing Northern Canada for Uranium (Treehugger 11/10/07)
Canada signs Inuit autonomy plan (BBC 12/6/07)

EXCERPT: “Canadian officials have signed an agreement-in-principle which should lead to semi-autonomous status for a mainly-Inuit region of Quebec. The deal would create a regional assembly and government with responsibility for education, health and transport. The agreement was struck last year and should come into force by 2009. It was signed by the governments of Canada and Quebec and by Inuit representatives. Nunavik, which has 11,000 residents, would still legally be part of Quebec and would remain subordinate to the provincial legislature in Quebec City.”

Canada’s military exports have tripled over past seven years (CBC 10/29/07)

EXCERPTS: “But the full extent of Canada’s military exports is hard to track with precision, because for the past four years the federal government has not released annual reports providing detailed information to Parliament…. Ken Epps of Project Ploughshares, an arms control watchdog and peace group founded by the Canadian Council of Churches … cited a recent report by the Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based monitoring group, which dropped Canada’s transparency rating on arms controls to just above that of Iran. “Canada’s rating is 11 on the scale out of 20 this year and the rating for Iran is 10.5,” Epps said. “What does that say to you?”


Fair Copyright for Canadians manifesto: 7 principles for sane copyright (via BoingBoing 1/16/08)
Canadian probe blames IDF for UN observer deaths in Lebanon (Haaretz 2/2/08)
Government of the Netherlands goes open source in 2008 (EnGadget 12/14/07)
Has Europe Found a Way to Replace Fossil Fuels? (Alternet 12/6/07)
“An audacious proposal to build a 5,000-mile electricity supergrid, stretching from Siberia to Morocco and Egypt to Iceland, would slash Europe’s CO2 emissions by a quarter, scientists say.”
Swiss using quantum technology to make elections secure (Economist 10/18/07)

EXCERPT: “Hanging chads. Ballot stuffing. Gerrymandering. Such dirty tricks enfeeble democracy. But the security of the votes cast in Geneva during Switzerland’s general election on October 21st is guaranteed. The authorities will use quantum cryptography—a way to transmit information that detects eavesdroppers and errors almost immediately—to ensure not only that votes are kept secret but also that they are all counted.”


‘Dirty War’ suspects to stand trial over murdered Italians. Judge issues 139 arrest warrants for people involved in Operation Condor; it’s quashed. There are 50,000 estimated deaths from Operation Condor activities. (TimesOnline UK 12/26/07, Global Research and UPI 1/18/08)
More information on Operation Condor from CrimesOfWar, George Washington University, and UK DoD
Norway’s DoomsDay Seed Saver Vault (Treehugger 11/07)
Roma children denied equal education in Czech Republic (Human Rights Watch 11/14/07)
Czech-born University of Michigan professor running for president of Czech Republic (AP/Yahoo 2/2/08)

“Svejnar, 55, served as an economic adviser to former Czech President Vaclav Havel and has Havel’s backing, but he faces an uphill battle in the Feb. 8 election for the largely ceremonial post. Not only is Svejnar trying to unseat an incumbent, Vaclav Klaus, he also is battling against criticism of his U.S. ties, which aren’t viewed as an asset in the race.”

Dark One-Liners Shine a Light on the Mood of the Serbs (NYTimes 12/2/07)

EXCERPT: “A sharp proverb with a twist, the aphorism has a long and rich tradition among Serbs, who have used satire and dark humor to come to terms with decades of authoritarian rule….Mr. Mitic says he was drawn to aphorisms because they had been used throughout Serbia’s history “to enrage Tito and the Communists, ridicule Milosevic and the nationalists, and soothe the country’s way though the transition after the war.”… Slobodan Simic, another member of the aphorists’ group… recit[ed] one of his favorites… “We have got our war assignments. We are to be the killed civilians.”

Tajikistan’s Water Woes (Business Week 1/3/08)
Albania’s Atomic Ambitions (BusinessWeek 12/6/07)
Austrians are retaking the Balkans (BusinessWeek 12/6/07)
“Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 2500-year-old advanced civilization at the bottom of Lake Issyk Kul in the Kyrgyz Mountains in Russia” (Times of India 12/28/07)
Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence (Global Research 1/15/08)
The Next Kosovo War (CounterPunch 12/12/07)
Russia drafts action plan in case West recognizes Kosovo independence (AP/PR Inside 1/28/08)

EXCERPT: “Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian leaders had been expected to declare independence in February or March. Kosovo’s independence is supported by the United States and most European Union members, including Britain and France. Serbia and its ally Russia strongly oppose independence for the province.  Kosovo, though legally part of Serbia, has been under U.N. and NATO control since a NATO bombing campaign in 1999 ended a Serb crackdown on separatist ethnic Albanians.


Russia rules out Kosovo sanctions (BBC 2/13/08)
The Criminalization of the State: “Independent Kosovo” a territory under US-NATO rule (Global Research 2/4/08)

EXCERPTS: “While the European Union and the US, have acknowledged that they would be “opposed” to a ” unilateral” declaration of independence of Kosovo, the secession of Kosovo from Serbia is already de facto. It is part of a US-NATO military agenda. It is the culmination of the 1999 NATO led invasion. It responds to US-NATO strategic objectives.”… “Kosovo is home to one of America’s largest military bases, Camp Bondsteel.

“Bondsteel was built on contract to the Pentagon by Halliburton, through its engineering subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR). Camp Bondsteel is considered to be “the largest and most expensive army base since Vietnam.” with more than 6000 US troops. “Camp Bondsteel, the biggest “from scratch” foreign US military base since the Vietnam War (…) It is located close to vital oil pipelines and energy corridors presently under construction, such as the US sponsored Trans-Balkan oil pipeline. As a result defence contractors—in particular Halliburton Oil subsidiary Brown & Root Services—are making a fortune. In June 1999, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Yugoslavia, US forces seized 1,000 acres of farmland in southeast Kosovo at Uresevic, near the Macedonian border, and began the construction of a camp. Camp Bondsteel is known as the “grand dame” in a network of US bases running both sides of the border between Kosovo and Macedonia. In less than three years it has been transformed from an encampment of tents to a self sufficient, high tech base-camp housing nearly 7,000 troops—three quarters of all the US troops stationed in Kosovo. There are 25 kilometres of roads and over 300 buildings at Camp Bondsteel, surrounded by 14 kilometres of earth and concrete barriers, 84 kilometres of concertina wire and 11 watch towers. It is so big that it has downtown, midtown and uptown districts, retail outlets, 24-hour sports halls, a chapel, library and the best-equipped hospital anywhere in Europe. At present there are 55 Black Hawk and Apache helicopters based at Bondsteel and although it has no aircraft landing strip the location was chosen for its capacity to expand. There are suggestions that it could replace the US airforce base at Aviano in Italy.”

Relentless advocate greens rural China village by village (Christian Science Monitor 11/23/07)
China on rise in Central Asian ‘Great Game’ (USA Today 12/15/07)
The Price of China’s Pollution and Its Environmental Catch-22 (Treehugger 12/6/07)
Red River brings cancer, Chinese villagers say (CNN 10/23/07)

EXCERPT: “Residents of Liangqiao say their river is polluted because of the iron-ore mine about 35 miles away, which is run by a nationally owned company. Mining for iron-ore exposes naturally occurring heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium, which are both carcinogens. Without proper water treatment facilities, water contaminated with high levels of these metals is hazardous and can possibly cause cancer.”

China coalmine fire put out after 50 years (Times UK 11/22/07)

EXCERPT: “After a three-year effort and untold quantities of water, Chinese firefighters have extinguished a fire that had been burning underground in a coalmine for more than 50 years. The blaze had consumed as much as 12.5 million tonnes of coal as it raged unchecked beneath the surface and spewed out more than 70,000 tonnes of toxic gases annually since the 1950s.”

China to block major polluters from stock exchange listings (EconomicsBriefing 11/21/07)
Lives of poverty, untouched by China’s boom (NYTimes 1/13/08)
Japan’s Minister of Justice says ‘a friend of a friend bombed Bali’, a member of al-Qaeda have him forewarning; then backpedals (Economist 10/31/07)
Top Hindu BJP leaders caught on camera boasting they killed hundreds of Muslims in ’02 riots (Tehelka 1/31/08)
Indian Uranium decision condemned (BBC 1/3/08)
One man takes aim at prejudice with storybook (Washington Post 1/20/08)

EXCERPT: “It has been called essential reading for every Indian child, a lively illustrated storybook aimed at raising youthful awareness of the injustices of the country’s caste system, much as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” exposed the indignities of slavery to white America. Kancha Ilaiah hopes his book, “Turning the Pot, Tilling the Land: Dignity of Labour in Our Times,” will change the way young people see farmhands, barbers, leather workers and others whose jobs are viewed with disgust by upper castes. The social activists who have lauded the book hope so, too. “Turning the Pot” is the first Indian children’s book to openly challenge the 3,000-year-old caste system, which ranks professions from scholars to shoemakers in a rigid hierarchy and is reinforced by some interpretations of Hindu theology.”

150,000 Indian farmers’ suicides (1997-2005) (ZMag 11/12/07)
Thanks, Monsanto.
The Geopolitical Stakes of the ‘Saffron Revolution’ (Asia Times 10/17/07)
Australia dumps national ID card (BoingBoing 12/25/07)
Australia dumps the United States: A Revolution in the Making (via MParent 11/30/07)
New Australian PM Kevin Rudd issues a genuine apology for Australian policies toward Aborigines (Age 2/12/08)
What a leader.
“”We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians,” the apology says.
“We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.
“For the pain, suffering and hurt of these stolen generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.
“To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.
“And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.”
State Repression in Aotearoa / New Zealand (ZMag 12/29/07)
Ten reasons why ‘Save Darfur’ is a PR scam to justify the next US Oil War (Global Research 11/27/07)
Is Zuma set to turn South Africa into the next Zimbabwe? (BitOfNews 12/17/07)
Kenyan police killed thousands (BBC 11/25/07)

EXCERPT: “A human-rights organisation has claimed that Kenyan police killed as many as 8,040 people by execution or torture during a crackdown on a banned sect. The group said a further 4,070 people had gone missing as security forces tried to wipe out the Mungiki sect.”

Darfurism, Uganda and the US War in Africa (Dissident Voice 11/24/07)
Signs in Kenya that killings were planned (NYTimes 1/21/08)
Europe takes Africa’s fish and boatloads of migrants follow (NYTimes 1/14/08)
Kenya’s Humanitarian Crisis Grows (BBC 1/4/08)

EXCERPTS: “At least 180,000 people have been displaced by unrest as the humanitarian crisis grows after last week’s disputed election in Kenya … In badly-affected western Kenya nearly all the refugees are hungry, and several children have died of exposure.

A top UN official in Nairobi says about 500,000 Kenyans need urgent help.”

“Six people have been arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo for allegedly dumping highly radioactive minerals into a river” (BBC 11/9/07)

EXCERPT:”Tests have shown that radiation levels near the area where the material was dumped were nearly 50 times the legal limit… “The damage is enormous,” DR Congo’s Environment Minister Didace Pembe, who led experts to the area, told Reuters news agency. “We have asked people not to use water from the river and the entire commission charged with disposing of the minerals is now under arrest.”

Poor South Africans double in a decade (BBC 11/12/07)
“The South African Institute of Race Relations survey said 4.2m people were living on $1 a day in 2005.”
Somalia: What the News Fails to Report (Uruknet 11/17/07)
Nigeria: Investigate widespread killings by police (Human Rights Watch 11/18/07)
“Police chief boasts of 785 killings in 90 days”; number may exceed 10,000
Over 5 Million Dead in Congo? 1500 people a day? Behind the Numbers Redux: How Truth is Hidden, even when it seems to be told (Dissident Voice 2/4/08)

EXCERPT: “The International Rescue Committee in late January 2008 released a new report on the mortality in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. The report caught the eye of some news agencies, who quickly whipped up trite little articles as supposed expressions of horror. Over and over it has been declared “the world’s forgotten crises.” There are reasons why Darfur is in the crises of the day, the poster crises, and why Congo is hardly mentioned.

Video from Africa: Small scale generator powered by sugar and yeast (AfriGadget 1/23/08)

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