Election 2008: Candidates
February 4, 2008, 8:04 am
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Candidates on Environment (Alternet 2/4/08)
Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, Romney and Paul
Obama and Clinton refuse to rule out Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket (Pensito Review 1/31/08)
Obama and Rezko (Chicago Sun Times 1/24/08) 
Bill Clinton: McCain and Hillary ‘very close’ (CNN 1/25/08)
Eight Questions Reporters Should Ask Hillary (Columbia Journalism Review 1/21/08)
Video: The Clinton Chronicles (1hr 43m – Google)
Clinton, McCain have most fundraisers who lobby for foreign governments (ABC 2/1/08)
Obama and Clinton refuse to rule out Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket (Pensito Review 1/31/08)
Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution: A Manifesto” at #87 on Amazon’s Top 100 (via MParent 1/31/08)
Ron Paul advocates complete Iraq withdrawal and rejects preemptive war doctrine (PressTV 1/26/08)
Ron Paul’s Prosperity Plan : Real Economic Stimulus (RonPaul2008 1/08)
Ron Paul biggest 4th quarter fundraiser (LA Times 2/1/08)
John McCain: The List of Infamy (Daily Pundit 2/3/08)
10 solid reasons not to vote for McCain
McCain would mean war with Iran (MSNBC via Global Research 1/28/08)
Betrayed by John McCain (Salon 2/4/08)
McCain refuses to apologize for saying “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.” (San Francisco Chronicle 2/18/00)
Video: McCain and Lieberman on Meet The Press both calling for a troop increase (Think Progress 11/12/07)
Former McCain spokesman takes a hiatus to become Lieberman’s spokesman (AnonymousLiberal 11/25/06, BullMoose Blog & NYTimes 11/22/06)
GOPBlogger delighted over idea of McCain Lieberman ’08 (1/2/06)
The Real John McCain (Townhall 12/30/07)
Why lovers of Israel should vote for McCain by Joe Lieberman  (Haaretz 1/28/08)
Clinton, McCain have most fundraisers who lobby for foreign governments (ABC 2/1/08)
Bill Clinton: McCain and Hillary ‘very close’ (CNN 1/25/08)
McCain no environmental champion (FAIR 1/31/08)
Don’t be fooled by the myth of John McCain (Independent, UK 1/24/08)
McCain mixed up with Russian billionaire with suspected links to organized crime  (Washington Post 1/25/08)
Arizona Republic questions McCain’s temperament, character in 1999, endorses him in 2008 (MotherJones 2/2/08)
McCain the Candidate of Choice? (Politico 2/4/08)
Disregarding McCain’s reversal on issue, Newsweek touts McCain’s ‘refusal to soften his stance on immigration’ (MediaMatters 2/3/08)
McCain the GOP nominee?  Bring him on!  (Alternet 2/4/08)
Once you crack the media myths surrounding him, it’s unlikely voters are going to go for an angry, unstable, hypocritical warmonger.
The McCain Lieberman Duet (NYTimes 1/2/08)
The McCain Lieberman Show (NYTimes 12/17/07)
Does a McCain Lieberman ticket make sense? (MSNBC 1/8/08)
MSNBC floating McCain Lieberman ticket despite reality (NewsBusters 1/16/08)
One crazy has already written their “Nation United” announcement speech (3/4/07)
Lieberman campaigning for McCain in Florida (1/14/08)
The McCain-Lieberman Gamble (American Prospect 1/3/08) 
Huckabee’s White Supremicist Ties (The Nation 1/18/08)
Huckabee’s Radical Religious Friends (Salon 1/18/08) 
Romey’s Bain capital owns 43% of Burger King, make farmers toil in slave-like conditions  (AFL-CIO 2/2/08)
AP reporter calls Romney on lie in mid-sentence, with video (Mother Jones 2/3/08)

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If everyone who states “Ron Paul will not win” would campaign and vote for him, this statement would not become true!
Ron Paul stands for the TRUE Republican Party. I believe the Libertarian Party would not have been created if the Republicans had not strayed from their principles.
I keep reading about how nothing but extremist groups are following Ron Paul (which is not true) and I ask you, what is more extreme and insane than supporting any candidate who wants to continue war? taxes? US funded global military? open borders? Federal ID cards?
I look at most of the candidates and see the same evil winks and grins that we have gotten from the current leaders during the past two presidential terms and I am sickened by it.
We need to wake up, stop being passive, and vote for someone who will move our nation forward again using honesty and The Constitution. Talk to your friends and family about Ron Paul, get involved in YOUR homeland again!!

Comment by JC

Sen. John McCain has been one of the leading proponents of the so-called “comprehensive” approach to immigration reform that combines border security and enforcement elements with amnesty for illegal aliens. In 2006, he co-authored the McCain-Kennedy Immigration comprehensive bill with Sen. Ted Kennedy and has consistently called for a compassionate approach that grants a path to citizenship for most illegal aliens currently living in this country.

Comment by Garret

And this is why I’m a John McCain hater

Comment by Cindy

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