Military, Veteran and Mercenary News
US Military Breaks Ranks Pt 1: A Salvo at the White House (AsiaTimes 1/23/08)
US unable to manage contractors in war (Washington Post 1/24/08)
Corporate Profiteering Against Iraq Vets (Salon 11/20/07)
Top 100 Prime Federal Contractors (Washington Technology 1/15/08)
Anti-war Veterans Group: War crimes encouraged (Raw Story 1/20/08)
Army Officer Cleared in Abu Ghraib Scandal (Washington Post 1/10/08)
So no one isĀ held responsible for what is happening at Abu Ghraib.
Mercenary firm CEO lied about military service (Michigan Messenger 1/17/08)
New Tests Find Depleted Uranium 20 Years After Exposure (NewsTarget 1/16/08)
Corporate Profiteering Against Iraq Vets (Salon 11/20/07)

State Dept docs show Blackwater contract fraud (TPMuckraker 12/21/07)
Two former employees of Blackwater Worldwide, the beleaguered contractor whose practices in Iraq are under federal scrutiny, were sentenced to probation Thursday on gunrunning charges. (AP/Raw Story 1/10/08)
Blackwater said to taint shooting evidence (CBS 1/12/08)

EXCERPT: “Blackwater Worldwide repaired and repainted its trucks immediately after a deadly September shooting in Baghdad, making it difficult to determine whether enemy gunfire provoked the attack, according to people familiar with the government’s investigation of the incident. Damage to the vehicles in the convoy has been held up by North Carolina-based Blackwater as proof that its security guards were defending themselves against an insurgent ambush when they fired into a busy intersection, leaving 17 Iraqi civilians dead. U.S. military investigators initially found “no enemy activity involved” and the Iraqi government concluded the shootings were unprovoked.”




9/20/07: News by and about the US military

8/3/07: Who ordered the execution of Pat Tillman, more on the Bagdad Diarist and more crimes against our troops

7/31/07: Fund the Wounded, not the war and other news on the troops

7/19/07: Troops, Contractors, Mercenaries and Atrocities

7/9/07: What does ‘support the troops’ mean to you?

6/27/07: The War on Our Troops

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