The End of Cheap Food (Economist 12/9/07)
UN warns on soaring food prices (BBC 12/17/07)

Last paragraph: “The use of land to grow plants which can be used to make alternative fuels – and the use of food crops themselves for fuel – has reduced food supplies and helped push up prices.”

Resisting the Globalization of Food: The Return of the Bread Riot (CounterPunch 12/20/07)
The poor get diabetes, the rich get local and organic (Alternet 1/9/08)
Why the Era of Cheap Food is Over (Alternet 1/7/08)
Agribusiness Giants seek to gain Worldwide Control over our Food Supply (Global Research 1/7/08)
Food riots and malnutrition fears (Guardian, UK 12/4/07)
50 ways to cut your food bill (Treehugger 11/28/07)
Cities study lack of healthy food; ‘food deserts’ (USA Today 1/24/08)
Squeeze’s effects amplified on less affluent (Wall St Journal 1/3/08)
NAFTA jeopardizes Mexican sugarcane industry (Prensa Latina 12/24/07)
Food Versus Fuel (Forbes 11/15/07)
100 Items That Disappear First In An Emergency (The Power Hour)
Forget Oil, the New Global Crisis is Food (Survival Acres)
Commodities go ‘ka-ching’; consumers go ‘ouch’ (USA Today 12/2/07)
Riots and Hunger Feared as Demand for Grain Sends Food Costs Soaring (Guardian, UK 12/4/07)

EXCERPT: “Recent pasta protests in Italy, tortilla rallies in Mexico and onion demonstrations in India are just the start of the social instability to come unless there is a fundamental shift to boost production of staple foods”



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