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January 22, 2008, 5:06 am
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All Muck is Local: All the Governor’s Men (TPMuckraker 1/13/08)
EXCERPT: “One might say that Scott Eckersley did job his too well. As deputy counsel to Governor Matt Blunt (R) of Missouri, Eckersley gave the governor and his staff impeccable legal advice. According to the lawsuit Eckersley filed against Blunt and other administration members, he told them they were violating Blunt’s own written instructions, document retention policy and Missouri’s Sunshine Law by deleting all their emails. Since the governor and his pals were deleting emails to preclude the scandal that would likely hit them if they became public, Eckersley’s advice was unwelcome, and since he was in charge of complying with the state’s freedom of information law, he became inconvenient, to say the least. Ed Martin, Blunt’s chief of staff, fired Scott Eckersley on September 28. Things went downhill from there” 
FBI Wiretaps Cut Due To Unpaid Bills (AP via Raw Story 1/10/08) 
US Companies Set to Own 66% of UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (Financial Times via Privatization Barometer 1/10/08) 
Video of sleeping guards shakes nuclear industry (Washington Post 1/4/08)
Wackenhut guards at Exelon nuclear plants routinely asleep on the job; reports by an employee go unheeded 
Activists angry about oil auction off Alaska (AP/MSNBC 1/6/08) 
All Terror All the Time is Giving Americans Heart Failure (Mother Jones 1/7/08) 
Real Humans (Survival Acres blog) 
What’s the Going Price for Pot? (CounterPunch 1/19/08) 
MRSA 10 times more prevalent in US than claimed (NewsTarget 1/15/08) 
Eminent Domain and the Border Fence (USA Today 1/17/08) 
White House Admits Overwriting Email Archives (AP via Raw Story 1/16/08) 
FDA approves, but USDA recommends keeping cloned meat off the market (Washington Post 1/16/08)
“Yet even as the two agencies sought a unified message — that food from clones is safe for people but perhaps dangerous to U.S. markets and trade relations — evidence surfaced suggesting that Americans and others are probably already eating meat from the offspring of clones.” 
FBI Agent Faults Counterterrorism Work (AP/Raw Story 1/12/08)
EXCERPT: “Youssef, 49, the highest ranking Arab-American agent, has a discrimination lawsuit pending against the bureau. He has also raised concerns about the FBI’s alleged misuse of warrantless searches… In July 2006, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility concluded that the FBI had retaliated against Youssef because of disclosures he made to the agency’s director and a member of Congress.” 
Stomping Freedom: Inside the Martial Law Act of 2006 (CounterPunch 1/9/08) 
Dept of Energy shortchanged by 308,000 barrels of oil (ABC News 1/10/08) 
Fed forcing states into Real ID compliance (CNN 1/11/08) 
California could become the third state to ban forced microchip tag implants (RFID) (Global Research 1/12/08) 
Catch-22 and Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Science Blogs 1/11/08) 
Good News: Eric Volz’ kangaroo conviction in Nicaragua for murder has been overturned and he is back in the US (CNN 1/11/08)
Nicaraguan prosecutors want the conviction reinstated by their Supreme Court 
UK Tabloid: “Laura Scratches Boozing Bush” with Reuters photo (ExtremeInk)

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