Top International News: Sibel Edmonds, Norovirus outbreaks, Deep Integration and more
January 22, 2008, 5:58 am
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For Sale: US Nuclear Secrets (Times, UK 1/6/08)
Top News everywhere BUT the US – The Times runs a lengthy article on the Sibel Edmonds allegations. Links to worldwide coverage here
FBI denies Edmonds claims (Times, UK 1/20/08)
Follow up and Analysis from the BradBlog
Interview with Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) on Edmonds case (BradBlog 1/20/08)
25% of British hospital closed wards due to norovirus outbreak; doctors order thousands with norovirus to stay home, away from hospitals. Estimated 200,000 people a week catching it. (Daily Mail, UK 1/4/08)
Canada’s Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America (Global Research 8/17/07)
EXCERPT: “Canadian jurisdiction over its Northern territories was redefined, following an April 2002 military agreement between Ottawa and Washington. This agreement allows for the deployment of US troops anywhere in Canada, as well as the stationing of US warships in Canada’s territorial waters. Following the creation of US Northern Command in April 2002, Washington announced unilaterally that NORTHCOM’s territorial jurisdiction (land, sea, air) extended from the Caribbean basin to the Canadian arctic territories.”
The Day Canada Declared Itself a Fascist State (SoftSphereConsulting 1/2/08)
UK Drivers Fight Back; Burning Surveillance Cameras (Speedcam.co.uk)
Blair fuels EU presidency speculation (Times, UK 1/12/08)
850 nuclear smuggling attempts in Russia; sleeping guards here (Wired 1/5/08)
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and the Future of the United Nations (Global Research 1/13/08)
UN admits internal fraud, corruption (Judicial Watch 1/11/08)
Nigeria suspends Siemens dealings pending bribery investigation (BBC 12/6/07)
More information on the Siemens scandal that rocked Nigeria here (12/22/07)
Top Chinese General: There is no need to fear us (ABC 1/14/08)
Good News: Eric Volz’ kangaroo conviction in Nicaragua for murder has been overturned and he is back in the US (CNN 1/11/08)
Nicaraguan prosecutors want the conviction reinstated by their Supreme Court
CIA admits cyberattacks have caused power outages in multiple cities (Information Week 1/18/08)
Thai junta quits, vows no more coups (News, Australia 1/22/08)

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