Top Corporate Business News
January 22, 2008, 6:42 am
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Ford plans $500 Million expansion in India (CNN 1/8/08)
“Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it plans to invest $500 million to double its production in India and start making a low-cost small car that is intended to help the U.S. automaker boost its market share here.”
Two top execs forgo 2007 bonus and return millions of dollars in stock for poor 2007 performance (CNN 1/7/08)
Burt’s Bees Sold Out to Clorox (Treehugger 11/6/07)
Home Depot begins selling British Petroleum solar systems (USA Today 1/17/08)
1 in 5 IBM employees in India (Australian IT News 12/17/07)
Royal Dutch Shell dips into algae biodiesel (Business Week 12/12/07)
Farmers Insurance wants to hike rates 20-30% on Texas Coast (Houston Chronicle 12/13/07)
ExxonMobil floats plan for five acre natural gas terminal off New Jersey coast (Raw Story 12/12/07)
Six Family Dynasties That Own Most of Manhattan (CNN)
Wal-Mart loses North Carolina tax case (AP/CNN 1/4/08)
Wal-Mart blind to illegal logging (CorpWatch 12/12/07)
Wal-Mart gives up pretense of PR front group (PRWatch 12/27/07)
Supreme Court backs Monsanto (CNN 1/7/08)
Monsanto’s Rich Harvest (Business Week 1/4/08)
“Forget the “ag” label—its genetically altered seeds have helped quarterly earnings to nearly triple and share prices are tracking the rise of oil”
Monsanto profit nearly triples (CNN 1/3/08)
Monsanto: Winning the Ground War (Business Week 12/6/07)
“How the company turned the tide in the battle over genetically modified crops”


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[…] Top Corporate Business News […]

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