Corporate Lawsuits, Settlements, and Corruption Update


“Behind every great fortune there is a crime” – Honore de Balzac
Merck gets off cheap on Vioxx settlement – Forbes 11/9/07 


Government estimates Avandia has caused over 83,000 heart attacks since it went on the market – Dissident Voice 1/9/08
GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly probed over bribes paid to Saddam – BBC 12/30/07
FDA confirms Johnson & Johnson anemia drug may be fatal in cancer patients – CNN 1/3/08
Dole, Dow liable over banana pesticide infertility lawsuit – AFP via Raw Story 11/5/07
Shell sued over Deer Park refinery emissions – Houston Chronicle 1/8/08
“On average, more than once a week, Shell Oil Co. has self-reported that it violated its permit limits and released millions of pounds of chemicals and harmful pollutants into the air around the Houston Ship Channel,” said Luke Metzger, executive director of Environment Texas. “Already, Shell Oil is authorized to emit staggering amounts of pollutants into the air, and with Houston’s air as bad as it is, it is simply unforgivable for them to exceed those permits.”
Biggest sex discrimination case in US history, against Wal-Mart, set to proceed – CorpWatch 12/12/07
Chiquita’s Columbian Terrorism – ZMag 12/24/07
Chiquita pled guilty to making payments to right wing paramilitaries, over seven years.
EXCERPT: “Rights groups blame the AUC for killing 10,000 Colombians over a period of 10 years and for seizing massive amounts of its victims’ land, displacing and impoverishing tens of thousands of the victims’ family members in the process.
According to Colombian police statistics, the AUC accounted for most of the 2,700 murders in the Uraba banana-growing region between 1997 and 2004. That area provided Chiquita subsidiary Banadex with $49.4 million in profits during 2001-2004, according to interactivist.net.”
Supreme Court backs Monsanto – CNN 1/7/08
Supermarkets admit milk price fixing – BBC 12/7/07
“Supermarket firms Sainsbury’s and Asda have admitted that they were part of a dairy price-fixing group that earned about £270m extra from shoppers. The supermarkets, along with a number of dairy firms, have agreed to pay fines totalling some £116m after an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) probe.”
Diamond Pet Foods agrees to pay $3.1 Million after pet deaths – AP via Raw Story 1/4/08
Lockheed Martin to pay $2.5 Million in race discrimination case – Washington Post 1/3/08
Nigeria suspends Siemens dealings pending bribery investigation – BBC 12/6/07
More information on the Siemens scandal that rocked Nigeria here (12/22/07)
United Health Chief to forfeit $618 Million; first time regulators have successfully employed corporate governance rules put in place after the collapse of Enron that force executives to disgorge ill-gotten gains. – NYTimes 12/7/07
Former Boeing subsidiary employee claims company flew secret CIA torture missions – Fox News 12/15/07
Mississippi Congressman earmarks $6 Million for top campaign contributor – Washington Post 1/16/08
“Sen. Roger Wicker, the Mississippi Republican congressman appointed to replace Trent Lott in December, last year obtained a $6 million earmark for a defense contractor whose executives were among his top campaign contributors and were represented in the matter by Wicker’s former congressional chief of staff, according to federal records.”

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