Do the Candidates Even Matter? : Election Fraud News

Updated 1/18/07

Update on the New Hampshire recount (BradBlog 1/17/08)
Dirty tricks: Romney Steering Campaign member blocks New Hampshire vote recount (via MParent 1/16/08)
The Granny Warriors, a Ron Paul support group, raised over $55,000 for the New Hampshire recount.  At the last minute, PayPal froze their account, preventing them from paying the New Hampshire Secretary of State.  Who owns PayPal? EBay.  The CEO of EBay is on the Romney Steering Committee.
Vote for Change? Atrocity-linked former officials advising frontrunners (Democracy Now! 1/3/08) 
Vote Machine, How Might I Hack Thee?  Let Me Count The Ways  (WhatReallyHappened)
Vote Fraud and the Bankruptcy of the United States (WhatReallyHappened, reposted from 2000)
EXCERPT: “In an atmosphere of doubt about the validity of the voting process, it cannot be assumed that the American people have actually voted for or approved of any of the government’s actions and policies for the last 35 years. That includes a couple of wars and some $14 trillion in debt, and the $60,000 in interest payments alone each taxpayer has had to fork over since the 60s.”
Disenfranchisement case to be heard Thu 1/17 in Reno; could be impacted by Wed Supreme Court decision (AmericaBlog 1/16/08)
EXCERPTS: “The attempt by supporters of Hillary Clinton to change the rules of the Nevada Democratic caucus, which have been approved for months, goes to court tomorrow. A Supreme Court decision issued today based on a case from New York State seems to undermine the arguments of the plaintiffs.” 
From the Supreme Court decision re: NY State Demcorats: “”A political party has a First Amendment right to limit its membership as it wishes and to choose a candidate-selection process that will in its view produce the nominee who best represents its political platform,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the court.”
Computer glitch’ directs Nevada Republicans to wrong precincts (Reno Gazette Journal 1/16/08)
Analysis: Clinton, Obama and New Hampshire by the numbers (ArsTechnica 1/16/08)
Don’t Count On It: New Hampshire ‘Voting Irregularities’ Just Tip of Rotten Iceberg (via MParent 1/13/08)
“Daniel Patrick Welch joins the hoopla over rumors of voting irregularities in the New Hampshire installment of US presidential primary elections. But the real threat he sees is Americans’ misplaced belief in their own system.” 
Diebold Programmers Were Allowed to Access Vulnerable Optical Scanning Systems Throughout Election Day (BradBlog via MParent 1/13/08) 
How Can Someone Tamper With an E-Voting Machine? (HowStuffWorks) 
The Voter ID Fraud (The Nation 1/10/08)
“There’s a war on in this country over who will be allowed to vote in 2008. One of the key battles in the election was fought on January 9 before the Supreme Court” 
Primary Smell: Vote Machine Scandal Brewing (Atlantic Free Press 1/12/08) 
Experts Question Clinton’s New Hampshire Primary Win (Alternet 1/11/08) 
Why a New Hampshire Recount May Be Stepping Into a Trap (via MParent 1/11/08) 
Harris County Judge Wants Online Campaign Filings (Houston Chronicle 1/7/08)
“About six months after Houston officials began filing their campaign contribution and spending reports in a searchable online database, Harris County’s top executive says he wants the county to follow suit.” 
Vote Fraud in New Hampshire? Just History Repeating Itself (DeepJournal 1/10/08) 
Media Struggles to Whitewash Clinton Vote Fraud Suspicions (PrisonPlanet 1/10/08) 
Executive at Diebold’s Vote Counting Firm a Convicted Drug Trafficker (BradBlog 1/9/08) 
A Strategy for Rebuilding the Peace Movement After Iowa and New Hampshire (CounterPunch 1/8/08) 
Aesop and the Usual Suspects: Paying No Attention to the Presidential Campaigns (CounterPunch 1/11/08) 
Princeton University Study Shows How Elections Get Stolen (OpEdNews 1/12/08) 
Report: Asian-Americans faced discrimination in 2006 midterm elections (Raw Story 1/11/08) 
How To Hack a Diebold Machine (WUFYS 1/11/08) 
The Kudzu Effect: The Voting-Industrial Complex Chokes Out Democracy (FreePress.org via MParent 1/8/08)
“Computerized voting, promoted by an interlocking cabal of political operatives and vendors is strangling American democracy, like the parasitic vine of the Japanese kudzu plant. According to Election Data Services, almost 80% of all voters in 2006 voted on electronic voting machines or optically-scanned ballots nationwide. Less than 1% of voters in the U.S. used traditional hand-counted paper ballots. What has caused this meteoric rise in computerized voting and vote counting where proprietary secrets destroy the transparency of the election process? A massive public relations campaign by a handful of strategically placed individuals has peddled computer voting as the high-tech wave of the future.” 
Voter ID Card is the Real Scam (Baltimore Sun 1/14/08)
“If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Indiana’s harsh voter ID law, as its justices seem poised to do, hundreds of thousands of black Americans should march in protest. So should hundreds of thousands of Latino Americans. Native Americans, too. Political activists from across the ethnic spectrum should convene the biggest political demonstration since the historic March on Washington in 1963. Where is the Rev. Al Sharpton when a genuinely critical issue comes along? Where’s the Rev. Jesse Jackson?”
 Machine Assisted Election Auditing and Security Analysis of Diebold AccuVote TS Machine [pdf docs] (Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy)
Republicans ponder deadlocked convention (AP/Google 1/17/08)
Former Franklin County Board of Elections (Board) Deputy Director Michael Hackett plead guilty to three Ethics charges in Franklin County Municipal Court from profiting from Board of Elections’ contracts for voting machines. (BradBlog 1/3/08)
The Permanent Republican Majority (Raw Story)
Part One: How a Coterie of Republican Heavyweights Sent a Governor to Jail
Part Two: Daughter of Jailed Governor Sees White House Hand in Father’s Fall
Part Three: Running Elections From the White House
Zogby’s Analysis of the GOP Race (Congressional Quarterly 12/25/07)
A History of the U.S. Presidential Primaries (Congressional Quarterly 12/25/07)
Legal Voters Thrown Off Rolls (USA Today 1/3/08)
The Federal Elections Commission, campaign spending watchdog, has essentially shut down over confirmation (Washington Post 12/22/07 and NewsDay 1/8/08)
Study prompts concern over machine voting (Missoulian, Montana 1/15/08)
2 election workers sentenced to 18 months for rigging 2004 Cuyahoga County OH recount (AP/Toledo Blade 3/13/07)
EXCERPT: “A judge suspicious of more corruption pressed two former election board workers to tell what they know and then sentenced them today to the maximum 18 months in prison for rigging the 2004 presidential election recount to make their job easier. “I can’t help but feel there’s more to this story,” said Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Peter Corrigan, who allowed the women to remain free on bond pending appeal. Some of their friends and relatives sobbed as the judge imposed the sentence. The judge repeatedly asked Jacqueline Maiden, 60, an election coordinator who was the Cuyahoga County board’s third-highest ranking employee, and ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer, 40, if higher-ups in the board had directed the recount rigging. “It seems unlikely your supervisors wouldn’t know,” the judge prodded.”
Dropping Out of the Electoral College (ZMag 1/6/08)
Voter ID Laws are Set to Face Strictest Test (NYTimes 1/7/08)
EXCERPT: “Supporters of the law, most of them Republicans, say a requirement for state photo identification card is a prudent step toward curbing voter fraud. They say the requirement helps restore confidence in the voting process by removing the potential for fraud, though Indiana has never cited a case of “voter impersonation,” which is what the law is supposed to prevent. Opponents of the law, most of them Democrats, view voter identification requirements as a deterrent that disproportionately affects poor, minority and elderly voters, who more often than other people lack the required forms of identification and who also tend to back Democrats. And unlike supporters of the law, they say they have evidence to bolster their case and show that it has harmed Indiana voters…. Last year, legislators in 27 states proposed laws like the one in Indiana, seeking to increase identification requirements for registration or voting”.



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Hi there, I like your blog, but the print is way small. Is that you or me ? :-)

Comment by Sheree

[…] Do the Candidates Even Matter? : Election Fraud News […]

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Sheree, I think it’s me, not you. I tried posting in a different style. Hope it helps! ~Hope

Comment by hope2012

What if the republicans do win another 4 years, due to voter fraud and/or plain ignorance??? Would Americans opt to move to Canada? I heard Canada was ramping up its immigration centers in expectation of another wave of “Blue Staters” in the event of a Republican victory: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp
In the independent film “Blue State,” the protagonist does exactly that. He decides to flee the United States after another republican victory in 2004, due to strong liberal ideals: http://www.bluestate.com

Comment by NinaBr

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