2008 Election: On the Candidates

What Health Insurance Do Candidates Have? (NPR 1/14/08) 

Hillary, Change and History: Three Irreconcilables (PMCarpenter blog 1/5/08)

The Fraudulent Senator: A 7 part series (New Media Journal 3/13/06)

The true story of Hillary Clinton, her 2000 senatorial campaign, and the largest campaign finance fraud in US history

Hillary Clinton and the Death of Vince Foster (WhatReallyHappened) 

44% in Michigan vote against Hillary (Washington Post 1/16/08)

Obama and Edwards bowed to their party rather than their constituents.  Voters in the Democratic primary chose between Clinton, Kucinich, Gravel, Dodd (yes he dropped out) and Other.  Clinton barely won.

Huckabee: Amend Constitution to ‘God’s Standards’ (Raw Story 1/15/08)

More on Huckabee’s Reconstructionist Tendencies.  Or maybe he’s simply a theocrat.

Top Huckabee advisor: “I’d put a cop in front of every mosque until I was completely satisfied nothing was going on there” (Congressional Quarterly 1/15/08) 

Huckabee’s Conflicting Messages (AP/Yahoo 1/8/08)  

Huckabee delivered sermon on being ‘soldiers for Christ’ in God’s Army’ in New Hampshire (Talk2Action 1/7/08) 

The Real Mike Huckabee (The Nation 1/11/08) 

McCain’s Imperial Plan (American Progress Action 1/8/08) 

McCain would have invaded Iraq knowing there were no WMD’s (NBC Meet The Press via Raw Story 1/6/08) 

War on Terror Conversations – John McCain and Rudy Giuliani (Pajamas Media)  

The Giuliani Implosion: From FrontRunner to Also-Ran in 8 Weeks (Weekly Standard 1/21/08) 

Giuliani staffers reportedly working without pay (Raw Story 1/11/08) 

Video: Ron Paul – Last Chance For Peace

About: “All of the Republicans, except Ron Paul, are lining up behind the Bush foreign policy.  Even more troubling is the remaining Democrats are talking peace and change, but already have the advisors in place to also continue this policy…. The following video details the positions of the top Democrats.”

Only 3 Candidates Oppose Death Penalty: Paul, Kucinich and Gravel (Madison Capital Times 1/1/08) 

Ron Paul vs. John Edwards – Failures of Sectarianism (Dandelion Salad blog 1/4/08) 

The End of Ron Paul? The New Republic Strikes (Dissident Voice 1/8/08)

If you want to check the credibility of the source, google ‘New Republic Stephen Glass’ or ‘New Republic Thomas Beauchamp’

Ron Paul as Independent: It Is Time (OpEdNews 1/9/08) 

Why Ron Paul’s Left Wing Champions Are Wrong (Dissident Voice 1/9/08) 

Ron Paul Revolution Needs to Reunite (PrisonPlanet 1/14/08) 

With Video: Vicious Ron Paul Hit Piece by TNR / Tucker Carlson Scrapes the Barrel of Yellow Journalism (PrisonPlanet 1/8/08) 

Ron Paul Statement on New Republic Charges (Reuters 1/8/08) 

Ron Paul: Fox News ‘beyond a joke’ (PrisonPlanet 1/4/08) 

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers (YouTube 1/4/08) 

New Paul Ad: Troops Support Ron Paul (Washington Post 1/8/08) 


1/10/08: Election News: Suggestions for Reform, Videos, and more

1/10/08: 2008 Voting Machine Fraud Update

1/10/08: 2008 Election Fraud News (primaries and old school election fraud)

1/5/08: Campaign 08: Democratic Candidates

1/5/08: Campaign 08: Republicans

1/5/08: Ron Paul Update

1/5/08: Campaign ’08: Candidates on the Issues

12/23/07: General Election News 

12/23/07: Campaign 08: Democrats

12/23/07: Ron Paul Special

12/23/07: Giuliani and Romney

12/23/07: Huckabee and McCain

8/27/07: More 2008 Election News and Vote Fraud Update

8/18/07: 2008 Candidate Gossip and Election Fraud Round-up

7/26/07: Impeachment and Election News

6/30/07: I wish the US were a Democracy: Election and Impeachment Links

6/7/07: Democracies Require Free and Fair Elections 


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