Update on Bhutto Investigation and Post-Bhutto Pakistan
January 16, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Metal detectors’ power cut at rally shortly before assassination (Hindu 1/9/08)


Bhutto had election fraud evidence (via Raw Story 1/2/08)

EXCERPT: “At the time she was assassinated, Pakistani opposition leader Benezir Bhutto was just hours away from meeting with two US lawmakers to hand them a dossier alleging that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) was plotting with its Election Commission to rig the upcoming elections. According to CBS News, which has obtained a copy of the report, it “alleges widespread plans to stuff ballot boxes, rig voting lists, and intimidate, even kill, opposition voters.” CNN quotes the document more specifically as saying, “Where an opposing candidate is strong in an area, they have planned to create a conflict at the polling station, even killing people if necessary, to stop polls at least three to four hours.”


US says no need for UN probe into Bhutto assassination; Scotland Yard sufficient (AFP/Yahoo 1/2/08)


British anti-terrorism police begin inspecting Bhutto murder scene (AFP via Raw Story 1/5/08)

A little late, eh? And the Pakistani police already hosed away any evidence.


Who Killed Bhutto? (Robert Fisk on CounterPunch 12/31/07)


Doctors pressured to confirm official Bhutto story (NYTimes 12/31/07)


Bhutto: Musharraf planned to rig elections (McClatchyDC 12/31/07)

EXCERPT: “The day she was assassinated last Thursday, Benazir Bhutto had planned to reveal new evidence alleging the involvement of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies in rigging the country’s upcoming elections, an aide said Monday. Bhutto had been due to meet U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., to hand over a report charging that the military Inter-Services Intelligence agency was planning to fix the polls in the favor of President Pervez Musharraf.”


In Reversal, Pakistan Welcomes Outside Inquiry (NYTimes 1/1/08)


Pakistan Interior Ministry backtracks on sunroof claims (CNN 1/1/08)


Bhutto Inquiry ‘Simply Bizzare’ (Chicago Tribune 1/1/08)


Lawyers say police chief prevented Bhutto autopsy; police say her husband prevented it (CNN 12/31/07)


Bhutto’s husband Zardari calls for UN probe into death (AP/Yahoo 1/5/08)


Explosion may have been meant to eliminate evidence (Raw Story 1/7/08)


The Destablization of Pakistan (Global Research 12/30/07)

Chossudofsky provides an interesting analysis of the post-Bhutto assassination atmosphere, and plans for restructuring the region  


The Plan to Topple Pakistan’s Military? (New Nation, Pakistan via Global Research, Canada 12/12/07)


US military not welcome in Pakistan: Chief Military Spokesman (AFP via Raw Story 1/6/08)


US considers new covert push in Pakistan (NYTimes 1/6/08)


US Predator drones being used in Pakistan (Raw Story 1/1/08)


Thousands of Pakistanis are fleeing into Afghanistan (BBC 1/6/08) 


Lockheed to supply F-16’s to Pakistan (Reuters 12/31/08)


Biden lashes Bush Administration for Lockheed Martin F-16 sales to Pakistan (AFP via Raw Story 1/2/08)


Why the US wants to destabilize Pakistan (UNObserver 1/4/08)


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Thanks for the update.

Asher Heimermann

Comment by Asher Heimermann

It was a shocking news, Benazir Bhutto has passed away. I could not stop my tears when I heard about the news.

Comment by Pakistan Gift Store


The press reported that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was carried out by terrorists loyal to the taliban and that it was a suicide bomber who carried it out. However the witnesses who were there said they heard multiple shots from buildings nearby before the bomb went off. Originally Scotland yard who investigated it said there were shots and then reversed themselves and John MacBrayne , chief investigator said that there were none.
The CIA wanted Bhutto dead, they had a contingency plan to sanction her from years back if she ever attained the leadership of Pakistan, Much of the leadership in the CIA did not like this decision and Porter Goss resigned over this issue. If Bhutto had won the election and even stating that she was the terrorists worst nightmare there would not have been a big change in the status quo however the CIA knew that Bhutto had intended to demilitarize Pakistan basically throwing out all U.S. military and intelligence advisors and operatives.
The terrosist were not intimidated by Bhutto but the CIA was. The assassination of Bhutto was typical CIA black bag operations, the suicide bomber (diversion) for the three triangular snipers in the buildings beyond. Then the facts and evidence are quickly erased.
All the bodies and evidence were cleaned up within a couple hours of the incident. Husnain and Rafaqat The two supposedly taliban terrorists being held for investigation Are CIA operatives trained by the covert assistance group wing of the CIA training Pakistan operatives in Pakistan
Thus the CIA, American Military Advisors and intelligence operatives are set in Pakistan and President Pervez Musharraf’s Cooperative to the U.S. administration is secured.

William Cullinson Manager of Racetrack, East Orlando, Florida


Comment by Bill Cullinson

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