Strait News: Remember the Gulf of Tonkin!

Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel (IPS 1/10/08) 

Iran airs video of standoff (BBC 1/10/08) 

Iran: Pentagon video, audio of incident fake (AP/Yahoo 1/9/08) 

Bush’s Tonkin Gulf Tale Unravels (Global Research 1/11/08) 

Showdown in the Strait of Hormuz: Strait Facts (Global Research 1/11/08) 

Voice from Strait of Hormuz incident may be local heckler, about to start Dubya Dubya Three (USA Today 1/11/08) 

On Dec 19, US Navy fired on small Iranian craft; on Dec 22, in the most publicized incident, Navy fired warning whistle blast as two armed speedboats came too close (AP/Yahoo 1/11/08) 

US files formal protest over naval incident (USA Today 1/10/08) 

Petraeus: Iran no longer aids Iraq militants (Washington Times 1/3/08)

Petraeus: Iranian bombs on rise in Iraq (CNN 1/12/08) 

CIA, Iran and the Gulf of Tonkin (Ray McGovern at ConsortiumNews 1/12/08) 

Why is Iran Still in the Crosshairs? : Clues from PNAC (Global Research 1/12/08) 

LA Times tries to figure out who’s calling the shots in Iran (12/31/07)

Bush: We’d Defend Israel In Case of Iranian Strike (Haaretz, Israel 1/6/08) 

Iran Fact Sheet: Twenty Reasons Against Sanctions And Military Intervention (CASMII)

Previously: Elsewhere in the War of Terror (Iran)

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