Iraq and Afganistan News Round Up


US drops 40,000 pounds of bombs in TEN MINUTES on parts of Baghdad (Daily Mail, UK 1/10/08)How would we react to the headline “Allies drop 40,000 pounds of bombs in ten minutes on the Bronx”?  Would resistance to such ‘allies’ make the citizens ‘insurgents’? 

Iraq’s ‘Insurgents’ Are Ordinary People (Alternet 1/11/08)

“A new film delves inside Iraqi’s reasons for getting involved in the violent resistance movement” 

Bush prepared to slow reduction of troops in Iraq (NYTimes 1/12/08) 

Baghdad Street Sweepers: $8 extra to clean up body parts from streets (NYTimes 12/31/07) 

CBS News: Dire Times for Iraq’s Christians (12/2/07)

I wouldn’t say the Iraqi Muslims were having much fun either. 

Vengeance Blackwater Style: US Military and Mainstream Media Conceal War Crimes in Fallujah (via MParent 1/4/08) 

Diplomats oppose US Iraq policy (AP/Yahoo 1/8/08)

Nearly half of U.S. diplomats unwilling to volunteer to work in Iraq say one reason for their refusal is they don’t agree with Bush administration’s policies in the country” 

Only telling half the story (Firedoglake blog 1/6/08)

EXCERPT: “Yesterday there were a flurry of reports about an Iraqi soldier shooting and killing two US soldiers during a joint mission. Reported as the first time this has happened, the reports in the American press may tell only half the story.  The rather startled reports repeated assertions that the attack was for “reasons unknown.” Iraqi reports say the US soldiers were kicking a pregnant Iraqi woman when shot. Here’s what we’ve been able to learn so far…”

Depleted Uranium Crisis in Najaf (Monitoring Net of Human Rights in Iraq 1/8/08)  


U.S. military deaths, suicide bombings and opium production hit record highs in 2007. Taliban militants killed more than 925 Afghan police, and large swaths of the country remain outside government control. (Uruknet 12/31/07) 

Video: CBC on Mission Impossible: Afghanistan; Taliban controls 25% of country at night 

Military use of unmanned aircraft soars (AP/Yahoo 1/1/08) 

US to send 3000 Marines to Afghanistan (AP/Yahoo 1/10/08)

Bagram ‘detention center’ twice the size of Guantanamo (Independent, UK 1/7/08) 

US opens Afghan deaths tribunal (BBC 1/8/08) 

NATO used Afghan children as land mine detectors (Islamic Republic News Agency 1/10/08)

Previous Iraq News Links from 1/1/08   11/6/07  and 10/24/07

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