Top News from Around the World

UK Defends Use of Cluster Bombs (Al Jazeera 12/4/07)

EXCERPT: “223 injuries and 39 deaths have been recorded from unexploded cluster bombs since the end of the war, including one 70-year-old woman in the village of Ainata killed by an M85 with a self-destruct mechanism in April of this year. The three-day Vienna conference, part of the Oslo Process aimed at drawing up a treaty banning the use of cluster munitions, will be attended by more than 100 governments and NGOs. The British government’s official position is that it wants M85s to be exempt from any future ban treaty, a move campaigners say is inconsistent with the UK’s commitment to the Oslo Process.”


Thought Crime Now Official in the UK (YourNewReality blog 12/7/07)


The Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza  


Jordan’s Spy Agency: Torture Cell for the CIA (Washington Post 11/30/07)


“As long as Azerbaijani territory is occupied by Armenia, the chance of war is close to 100 percent. (Global Research 11/30/07)


In Case You Missed It: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko was a paid British spy (Daily Mail, UK 10/27/07)


UN rates best, worst countries (National Geographic 11/07)


China’s Pollution Revolution (Washington Monthly 12/7/07)

Contaminated rivers and farms trigger peasant protest  


Panama to probe US invasion of 1989 that killed 500-1,000 (BBC 12/21/07)


Ten Years After Acteal, New Massacres Loom in Mexico (CounterPunch 12/21/07)


NYTimes on the Anniversary of Acteal (NYTimes 12/23/07) 


Zapatista Code Red (ZMag 12/21/07)


First outbreak of a tropical disease in modern Europe (NYTimes 12/23/07)


Uzbek election not free or fair (Human Rights Watch 12/21/07)


Putin, the Kremlin Power Struggle and the $40 Billion Fortune (Guardian, UK 12/21/07)


Israeli Defense Forces continue to murder children (Haaretz 10/7/07)


Radiation from 1957 nuclear accident underestimated (BBC 10/6/07)


Enabling the Indonesian Military since 1965 (ZMag 9/1707)



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