2008 Election Fraud News


Updates on 1/17: Do the Candidates Even Matter? 

Clear Evidence of Widespread Voting Fraud in New Hampshire (Prison Planet 1/9/08)

Best round-up of the stories I’ve heard so far, with the town of Sutton coming in first, where all 31 of Ron Paul’s votes were eliminated (among unknown other ‘human errors’) 

BradBlog’s coverage of the NH primary results vs polls (1/8/08)   

Hand Recounts Show Paul Averaged 15% (RonPaulWarRoom 1/9/08)

A word of caution: these are partial recounts, in some, not all counties.  It’s obvious there’s foul play here (which we knew before the votes were cast); however this does not necessarily mean that Paul would have received 15% overall and/or placed 3rd.  New Hampshire looks like a good place to spend some of his supporters’ donations – Live Free or Die!


Thieves steal Davidson County TN Voter Rolls (Tennessean 12/28/07)

Kansas GOP Chair Sends Email Boasting of Vote Caging (Crooks and Liars 12/26/07)

Iowa’s Undemocratic Caucuses: How They Work (NYTimes 12/18/07)

Insider: How to Rig An Election (TPMuckraker 12/20/07)Allen Raymond, convicted election fraud felon, naively thought ‘the party’ had loyalty to him. He spent 3 months in jail and has written a tell-all name-names book 

Inside the GOP Effort to Rig the 2002 NH Elections (McClatchyDC 12/18/07)

Justice Dept slowed investigation into 2004 NH phone jamming (McClatchy DC 12/19/07)

 ‘Justice’ Department Argues for Voter ID in Supreme Court case (TPMuckraker) 

Ann Coulter, Voter Fraud Felon, Gets Away With It (BradBlog)

Two years after open-and-shut evidence is presented, the Florida Elections Commission announces the two year statute of limitations has run out. Full coverage from the BradBlog, including copies of the dated voter registration documents, mainstream coverage of the case from 2006, and more. 

National Election Survey Reveals 3,200,000 UNCOUNTED BALLOTS from 2006 election (Wired)This is the first data set available, and it’s still underestimated due to incomplete reporting by counties. Both parties are simply getting better each election at preventing people from voting, and preventing votes from being accurately recorded. Prove me wrong. 

Destruction of Evidence: Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Ballots (Agonist)

The state is too full of smoke to not be on fire  

The criminal cover up of Ohio’s stolen 2004 election sinks to the fraudulent, the absurd, the pathetic (BuzzFlash)

EXCERPT: “The illegal destruction of federally protected 2004 election materials by 56 of 88 Ohio counties has become a fraudulent “dog ate my homework” farce of absurd justifications and criminal coverups.”

Court hears lawsuit over voter roll ‘glitches’ (Miami Herald 12/12/07)

“Typos, hyphenated names and other bureaucratic problems have prompted Florida to reject thousands of voter registrations. Now some of the victims are fighting back in court.”

Judge throws out Florida voting law (Miami Herald 12/18/07)

Moonshine America: The Collapse of the ‘Trust Me’ Model (BlackBox Voting)

EXCERPT: “In 2007, Black Box Voting embarked on a year-long investigative series examining elections in what we call the Moonshine territories – reputedly the most corrupt local governments in America. What we found has staggering implications for the design of American election systems as a whole. Our current system only works if we trust every human link in the chain. In this report we will knock the concept of trust-based elections out the window.What follows begins with our examination of the “Trust Me” election model as it is implemented in locations like Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. What we found in these locations quickly unravels into an indictment of faith-based elections in all 50 states. The very core of the voting machine controversy is not paper trails or spot check procedures. The essence of whether an election system can be trusted is whether it allows the owners of the government, The People, to view the counting and the chain of custody. Votes counted in secret, and secret chain of custody can never work unless we change human nature itself.” 

How Big Corporations Choose Your Candidate (Rense 1/8/08)

BuyingOfThePresident.org launched by Center for Public Integrity: one stop source for eyebrow-raising info on the ’08 elections (via Raw Story 1/10/08)

99 Ways to Steal Elections (via MParent 1/8/08)

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What a shocker. Dirty politicians resorting to dirty tactics to win an election. Its happened for years and will contiue to happen for years to come. Thats Amereica for you, ain’t it beautiful…

Comment by miami man

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