Random: Domestic Terrorism & Religious Right, Laser Pointer Arrests, and more
January 5, 2008, 5:49 pm
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Domestic Terrorism and the Religious Right (Talk2Action)

EXCERPTS: “Earlier this year, antiabortion revolutionary theocrats celebrated the tenth anniversary of the crimes of Paul Hill, the ex-Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) minister who, on July 29, 1994 assasinated abortion provider Dr. John Britton and James Barrett one of his escorts, and seriously wounding another, June Barrett, outside a clinic in Pensacola, Florida. Hill was convicted of his crimes and was executed by the State of Florida. The festivities were called Paul Hill Days. The underground Army of God organization is now promoting a video of the celebration’s reenactment of the murders.”….. “The National Abortion Federation notes that since 1977, there have been seven murders, 17 attempted murders, 41 bombings, 100 butyric acid attacks, 656 anthrax threats, and 175 arsons including this most recent incident in New Mexico.”


Diet Soda linked to heart risks (Washington Post)


50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know [pdf] (DisInformation Company e-book)

Lots of typo’s, but still a worthwhile read  


DIY: Homemade window de-icer (LifeHacker)


The only copy of the Magna Carta in public hands was just auctioned off to David Rubenstein, founder of the Carlyle Group. (Times, UK and SourceWatch)

Surely he bought it to wipe himself. More commentary on the importance of habeas corpus and the sale of that Great Writ of Liberty here at CounterPunch.


Production set to begin on TV mini-series of Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States (Variety)


Virus Starts Like A Cold, Turns Into A Killer (Washington Post)

If you develop sold symptoms that continue worsening, and have trouble breathing, go to the hospital immediately.


Video: Bill Moyers Interviews Keith Olbermann (PBS)


Redacted – A Review: Brian de Palma’s Scream of Outrage (CounterPunch)


More people arrested for pointing laser pointers – this time a 15 year old boy (Network World and San Francisco Chronicle)


Defiant Gardens (Space and Culture blog and Pruned blog)

EXCERPT: “Defiant gardens are gardens created during times of extreme crisis, built behind the trenches of World War I, on both sides of the Western Front; in Jewish ghettos and Nazi concentration camps during World War II; in POW and civilian internment camps of both wars, tended to by prisoners and their captors; in internment camps for Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II; in garrisons, depots and battalion headquarters; in refugee camps; on the hollowed out concavities left behind by the Blitz. They are “short-lived, their marks on the land quickly obliterated.”


NewsMania quiz from Newseum.org – updated frequently


50 Bullsh*t Jobs (CNN)


Soft Drinks for the Indecisive in Singapore: Anything and Whatever

Cinema Europe: the complete series (MysteryManOnFilm blog)


10 most beautiful Indian roads (FrogView)


Omnipelagos finds the shortest connection between any two things  


Alternatives to Google (AskReaMaor)


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