Campaign ’08: Democrats
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Campaign ’08 Update: Candidate Views on the Issues
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Campaign ’08 Update: Republicans

Clinton’s 4Q fundraising $20M; $100M for 2007 (USA Today)

 Hillary Video: Experienced? Not even informed! (via MParent) 

Hillary The Hawk (CounterPunch 12/19/07)

EXCERPTS: “Her husband, Bill, was of course the former chief of the executive branch. And during her eight years as first lady, Mrs. Clinton never objected to Bill’s eight wars, attacks, or interventions: in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Yugoslavia. He bombed Iraq in 1993 soon after taking office, again in 1996, and from 1998 till he left office. For a time, he was dropping bombs on Iraqis and Yugoslavs simultaneously in 1999….

“Mrs. Clinton had been instrumental in persuading Bill to attack Yugoslavia, according to multiple writers. Biographer Gail Sheehy wrote in “Hillary’s Choice” (p. 345): “On March 21, 1999, Hillary expressed her views by phone to the president. ‘I urged him to bomb [Yugoslavia].’ ” Bill was indecisive. She invoked the Holocaust, alluding to claims of mass killings by Milosovic and his men, and asked, “What do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life?” (Originally it was to defend western Europe against a possible Soviet attack.) Days later the president gave the go-ahead for war, thereby usurping the constitutional prerogative of Congress. The Milosovic-massacre tale (which Senator Clinton repeated in her 2002 Senate speech) was subsequently debunked by several European pathological teams. The Clinton-NATO air raids, however, killed a couple of thousand civilians. A year later Amnesty International charged that international law was violated by indiscriminate bombings.”

Obama, RFK & Blackwater (Huffington Post 1/4/08)

Obama’s European Problem (Salon 12/29/07)

“The senator may have traveled widely, but the critically important subcommittee on Europe has languished under his leadership.”

Obama: Election Theft Won’t Be Tolerated; Contradicting Record (Chicago Sun Times 1/1/08)

 “If for any reason this thing is close, we will fight it tooth and nail till the end. The nice thing is, I’m a voting-rights attorney as well as a civil rights attorney.”… But his “fighting” stance contrasts sharply with the vote he took on his very first day in the U.S. Senate where he joined the 74-1 majority voting not to challenge President Bush’s disputed victory in Ohio. The Congressional Black Caucus urged him to be the second “yes” vote, but he declined.”

Eight Questions Reporters Should Ask Obama (Columbia Journalism Review)

Interview with Obama’s Barber (YouTube)

Kucinich sells out early this year, to Obama (Mother Jones 1/1/08)


Kucinich files suit against Texas Democratic Party (El Paso Times)

Kucinich crossed out a blind loyalty oath, swearing to support any Democratic nominee, and they rejected his application.  


Edwards Reconsidered after Kucinich sell out (Dissident Voice 1/3/08)

Edwards promises to end American training of Iraqi army and police (NYTimes 1/2/08)

Reading the Pictures: Taking Aim At Edwards (Huffington Post 1/2/08)

Analyzing the head photo and content of the NYTimes article above, where the picture seems to have Edwards in gunsights. 


Nader endorses Edwards (Politico 12/31/07)


Part 1: Campaign Round-up

Part 2: The ‘Democrats’

Part 3: Ron Paul Special

Part 4: Giuliani and Romney

Part 5: Huckabee and McCain

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[…] Campaign ‘08: Democrats […]

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[…] Campaign ‘08: Democrats […]

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