Global War Of Terror Update: Iraq

Dec 27: Iraq to cut food rations in half; Iraqis had more food under Saddam (IPS/Uruknet)

Fallujah, the Information War and U.S. Propaganda: The U.S. Army’s Intelligence Analysis of the April 2004 Fallujah Attack (ZMag)

Dec 28: Turkey to continue Iraq raids against “Kurdish rebels” (AFP/Yahoo)  

Dec 30: Iraq’s Kurd villagers see no hope after air strike (Reuters)

EXCERPTS: “Since Turkish warplanes turned her village home into a heap of rubble last week, mother of eight Aziya Rasheed says she has lost all hope for the future…”We lost everything, even my daughter’s leg. Isn’t this terrorism from Turkey?” she said angrily. “I have no hope of going back to my demolished home, all my livestock are dead and the future of my children is uncertain. How are they going to study here when I’m living in a small room like this?”… Turkey has massed up to 100,000 troops on the Iraqi border and waged a campaign of low-level cross-border strikes on PKK militants for several months, accusing PKK fighters based in Iraq of carrying out deadly attacks in Turkey…Turkish forces say they killed more than 150 PKK fighters in the Dec. 16 air strike, their biggest yet. The mayor of Sankasar, Abdullah Ibrahim, said there were no PKK fighters in the area and the strikes had forced 370 Iraqi Kurdish families to flee their homes in surrounding villages.”

70% of Iraqis Lack Clean Drinking Water (McClatchyDC)

This is no surprise. If you’re a soulless person who doesn’t care about the lives of Iraqis, perhaps you care that Halliburton also provides contaminated food and water to U.S. troops in Iraq, and the U.S. has known about it for 2 years. (Halliburton Watch)

Photo Essay: Iraq’s Brutally Wounded (Global Research)

“As Americans scramble for funding to try to help the many wounded veterans returning from war, many more thousands in Iraq have suffered equally horrific injuries, yet have virtually no way of receiving care.”

Over $20 Billion in Afghanistan and Iraq Goes to Unidentified Foreign Companies (Public Integrity)Bilal Hussein: Railroading a Journalist in Iraq (Washington Post) Written by Tom Curley, president and CEO of the Associated PressEXCERPT: “Perhaps it is not surprising that the operators of the world’s largest prison-camp network have found a way to provide access to due process in a form that actually looks more unjust than indefinite imprisonment without charges. But this is a poor example — and not the first of its kind — of the way our government honors the democratic principles and values it says it wants to share with the Iraqi people.”Inside a Private Mercenary Compound in Iraq (via MParent)This installment is ‘Mercenaries, Missionaries, and Misfits’; links to others at the bottom of the article

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