Global War of Terror Update: Afghanistan

Dec 26: DynCorp and other contractors in Afghanistan do not have to actually prove purchases occurred (TPMuckraker)

Dec 27: US prepares to increase troop levels in Afghanistan (Global Research)

Dec 28: Polish troops face war crimes charges over Afghanistan deaths (Military.com)

Afghanistan: Six Years On: Thirteen Things You Should Know (ZMag)

UN: Afghan children deliberately shot after suicide attack (Int’l Herald Tribune)

EXCERPT: “Regardless of what the exact breakdown of numbers may be, the fact remains that a number of armed men deliberately and indiscriminately fired into a crowd of unarmed civilians that posed no threat to them, causing multiple deaths and injuries,” the report said. “It is believed that at least 100 rounds or more were fired into the crowd with a separate group of school children off to one side of the road bearing the brunt of the onslaught at close range,” it said.”

OXFAM: Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan (Uruknet)

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