Update Afghanistan 

Update Iraq


Iran gives Int’l Atomic Energy Association its’ nuclear designs (BBC)

In other words, obeying its’ national and international legal obligations

The Iranian Challenge: debunking 7 faulty assumptions about Iran (The Nation)

U.S. dismisses positive report on Iran by IAEA (Asia Times)

Behind the Drums of War with Iran : Nuclear Weapons or Compound Interest (Global Research)

Facts on U.S.-Iran stand-off: 20 reasons against sanctions and military intervention in Iran (Global Research)

Colin Powell: Iran is a long way from having nuclear weapons (Int’l Herald Tribune)

Oct 4: Imperial Playground: The Story of Iran in recent history (Global Research)  


Radioactive Ammunition Fired in Middle East May Claim More Lives Than Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Global Research)

EXCERPTS: “More than ten times the amount of radiation released during atmospheric testing (of nuclear bombs) has been released from depleted uranium weaponry since 1991″…”The long- term effect of DU is a virtual death sentence. Iraq is a toxic wasteland. Anyone who is there stands a good chance of coming down with cancer and leukemia. In Iraq, the birth rate of mutations is totally out of control.”… “For every genetic defect that we can see now, in future generations there are thousands more that will be expressed. The (Iraq) environment now is completely radioactive.” …. One survey of 251 returned Gulf War veterans from Mississippi made by the Veterans Administration found 67% of children born to them suffered from “severe illnesses and deformities.”… Of the 700,000 U.S. veterans of the first Gulf War, more than 240,000 are on permanent medical disability and 11,000 are dead “Following the initial U.S. bombardment of Iraq in 2003, DU particles traveled 2,400 miles to Great Britain in about a week, where atmospheric radiation quadrupled…. In the early Nineties, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority warned that 50 tons of dust from DU explosions could claim a half million lives from cancer by year 2000. Not 50 tons, but an estimated two thousand radioactive tons have been fired off in the Middle East, suggesting the possibility over time of an even higher death toll.

Top 100 Private Contractors in U.S. Wars (BoingBoing)

The U.S. Aggression Process and Its’ Collaborators (Zmag) From Guatemala (1950-1954) to Iran (2002- )

Bringing the War on Terrorism Home: Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical Movements in the United States (Global Research)

In-depth analysis of the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1955) and sister bill S. 1959.

Unity Resources Group, the mercenaries you haven’t been hearing about, and who they’ve been killing lately (Washington Post) 

Psychologist: Guantanamo detainee to be released is ‘broken into pieces’ (Raw Story)EXCERPT: “The first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be convicted by an American military tribunal will be released from prison on Saturday — but harsh treatment in US custody leave him ill-prepared to readjust to normal life, a psychologist says. Australian-born David Hicks, who was captured in Afghanistan in 2001, plead guilty earlier this year to charges of providing material support for al- Qaeda terrorists. As part of his plea deal, Hicks was transferred to Australia to serve out the remainder of his sentence….“In some very restrictive regimes, and Guantánamo Bay will fall into that category, the environments are actually designed to break people down,” said Ogloff. “There’s no long term goal of rehabilitating people or having them return to the community. So the issues that the individual faces is, in fact, being broken into pieces and having to really be put back together.” During his time at Guantanamo, Hicks alleges that he was beaten, sedated and forced to take unidentified medication, among other abuses.

Dec 29: Ten Saudi Guantanamo inmates freed without charges (BBC)

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