Holiday Special: History of Christmas, Talking Jesus Action Figures, Santa on the Cross, What Would Jesus Buy? and more
December 24, 2007, 9:12 am
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The History of Christmas  (BenBest)


Holiday Season Hypocrisy: Consumptive Consumerism (Global Research)


Archibishop of Canterbury Hates Christmas (Telegraph, UK)

The Archbishop declares the Three Wise Men “work well as a legend”, there were no asses or oxen in the stable, it doesn’t snow in Bethlehem in December, and “in a final blow to the traditional nativity story, Dr Williams concluded that Jesus was probably not born in December at all. He said: “Christmas was when it was because it fitted well with the winter festival.”


What Would Jesus Buy?” – Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping and Radical Forgiveness (USA Today and RevBilly.com) 

Rev. Billy on Nightline, with video (via Raw Story)


The Shopocalypse Is Coming: “What Would Jesus Buy?” The Movie now in theaters.  Interview with Morgan Spurlock, director of ‘WWJB?’ and ‘SuperSize Me’ (WWJB and Treehugger)


MUSIC VIDEO: They’ve Cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem (via MParent)


MUSIC VIDEO: The Twisted Chipmunk Song (Global Wonder Inc)


MUSIC VIDEO: White Trash Christmas (Global Wonder Inc


Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores provide a stage (NYTimes)

EXCERPT: “Otherwise known as reverse shoplifting, shopdropping involves surreptitiously putting things in stores, rather than illegally taking them out, and the motivations vary. Anti-consumerist artists slip replica products packaged with political messages onto shelves while religious proselytizers insert pamphlets between the pages of gay-and-lesbian readings at book stores. Self-published authors sneak their works into the “new releases” section, while personal trainers put their business cards into weight-loss books, and aspiring professional photographers make homemade cards — their Web site address included, of course — and covertly plant them into stationery-store racks.”


Talking Jesus action figure sells out at Wal-Mart (Consumerist) 

Pope laments materialistic Christmas (AP/Raw Story)


Pastor: Let’s Take the Christ Out Of Christmas (CounterPunch)

Consumer Driven Culture is Killing Our Democracy (Alternet)

Interview with Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, author of ‘SuperCapitalism’ 

[Satire] Merry Nothing: Noted Atheist Debunks Christmas Delusion in PBS Special (Ridiculopathy)

Santa on the Cross Protests Christmas Commercialism (AP/Yahoo)


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