Campaign ’08 Round-Up: Part One

Part 2: The ‘Democrats’

Part 3: Ron Paul Special

Part 4: Giuliani and Romney

Part 5: Huckabee and McCain

Remember the Troops at Christmas – and Damn the Politicians (Editor & Publisher)


How To Make Your Primary Vote Mean Something (Alternet)


2008 Presidential Campaign: Concepts Progressives Must Know About Monetary Policy and History (Global Research)


Millionaire-in-Chief: The Candidates’ Money (CNN) 


Putting Peace Before Party (Dissident Voice)

EXCERPT: “In recent debates the candidates were asked whether they will support the nominee of their party. Despite increasingly harsh rhetoric between the candidates only two candidates had the courage to put peace before their party and refused to issue blanket support for their party nominee. Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Dennis Kucinich responded they would not support the nominee unless the nominee opposed war as an instrument of foreign policy.” 

Kucinich vs. Paul: Choosing from the two hopes of America (Just Another Cover-up) 


How the Democratic frontrunners compare on health care (Alternet)


Geek the Vote: The Candidates on Science and Technology (Popular Mechanics)


Candidates on Energy Policy (CNN)


The Candidates Go Negative – all of them (Mother Jones)


Harvard: Over 60% do not trust campaign coverage (via MParent)


How the Presidential Debates are Rigged (NPR)


How to Make a Candidate Disappear (WUFYS)


No Difference Between Parties:

Example A: Clinton and Giuliani would grab more power than Bush (NH Union-Leader)

Example B: Giuliani wants to bomb Iran, and surrounds himseld with “all the guys who  were too nuts or too extreme to make the cut with George W. Bush” (The Carpetbagger Report) 

Hillary Clinton is no different; she’d use violence too (Guardian, UK)


2008 Donor Demographics (Open Secrets)


What’s going on with these 527’s everyone’s talking about? (PM Carpenter)


Ariel sums up the campaign for Mr/s. America (ZMag)



Daily Pundit predicts a race between Obama/Edwards and Huckabee/Unknown with Obama in a landslide  

Larry Fester at USA Daily predicts Ron Paul in a landslide 

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