Top News: Tracking the Fascists

NSPD-51 and The Potential for a Coup D’Etat by National Emergency (NOATA)

“Presidential Directive 51, signed by Bush and released without comment by the White House on May 9, 2007… An almost entirely secret directive, NSPD-51 can be invoked when the president decides “any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions” occurred. Bush alone will decide when he must assume this burden.”

The outline of the New Dictatorship

Pentagon Forecast: Cloudy, 80% Chance of Riots (Wired)

EXCERPT: “The Pentagon is paying Lockheed Martin to try to predict insurgencies and civil unrest like the weather.  It’s part of a larger military effort to blend forecasting software with social science that has some counterinsurgency experts cringing.

Lockheed recently won a $1.3 million, 15-month contract from the Defense Department to help develop the Integrated Crises Early Warning System, or ICEWS.  The program will “let military commanders anticipate and respond to worldwide political crises and predict events of interest and stability of countries of interest with greater than 80 percent accuracy,” the company claims.  “Rebellions, insurgencies, ethnic/religious violence, civil war, and major economic crises” will all be predictable.  So will “combinations of strategies, tactics, and resources to mitigate [against those] instabilities…

“Experts on counterinsurgency are, to say the least, skeptical.  “Wait a minute, you can’t tell me who’s going to a win a football game. And now you’re going to replicate free will?” Lieutenant Colonel John Nagl, who helped write the Army’s manual on defusing insurgencies, tells DANGER ROOM.  “They are smoking something they shouldn’t be,” retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper recently quipped to Science Magazine.”

Ron Paul introduced H.R. 3835 October 15 2007: Be it enacted, the Military Commissions Act is Repealed; Habeas Corpus Restored. Torture is forbidden. Signing Statements may be challenged

Camp “Justice”: The New Gitmo (CBC Canada)

2008 Defense Authorization Bill authorizes use of U.S. military for domestic purposes (Democratic Underground)

Is the Bush Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust? (Global Research)

The Air Force Cover Up of the Minot-Barksdale Nuke Missile Flight (ThisCantBeHappening)

Examining the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (InTheseTimes)

Canadian citizen’s lawyer barred from Guantanamo; the 21 year old has spent a quarter of his life in Gitmo (Reuters/Yahoo)

Congress must re-assume war powers (CNSNews)

EXCERPT: “Who has the primary authority to wage war on the behalf of the United States: the commander-in-chief or the Congress? It’s a question that’s been raised several times in history, and one that Congress thought was settled by the adoption of the Vietnam-era War Powers Act of 1973.  Now sponsors of a resolution to amend that law hope to settle that question permanently and make it clear that the president must always seek the consent of Congress before getting the nation involved in armed conflict or war… Under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the president must consult Congress within 60 days of engaging the U.S. in armed hostilities. If members do not authorize his action, he is required, by law, to remove U.S. forces from action.  The new Jones-Delahunt resolution would specifically prohibit the president from entering into future hostilities without congressional action except to specifically “repel and retaliate for an attack on the United States, repel an attack on U.S. troops, or protect and evacuate U.S. citizens.”

Think nukes are a good idea?  Imagine living through a nuclear winter (ExitMundi, a collection of end-world scenarios, Atomic Archive and CooperativeIndividualism)

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