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November 13, 2007, 7:04 am
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I found this interesting: USA Today published a Q&A in the financial section headlined ‘Who owns the Fed?’ on 9/19/07 and tried to suggest that it is an independent agency ‘within the federal government’.  

The same week, Greenspan acknowledged in an interview aired on PBS that “the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.” (Prison Planet).  

Greg Mankiw, an economics professor at Harvard called Jon Stewart a genius for asking Greenspan why we need a federal reserve.  Greenspan also later said in an interview with German magazine Stern that the Euro could replace the U.S. dollar as the prime reserve currency (Yahoo).  That guy just can’t keep his mouth shut now.

More information can be found here. (Liberty Dollar)

Seven consequences of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis (Europe2020)

Leading to the ‘very great depression’ predicted in the U.S. by 2009.

Economic Collapse as Precursor For Martial Law? (PrisonPlanet)

Economic Cannibalism (New-Enlightenment)

A strongly worded article strewn with facts on the causes and effects of the burst housing bubble, upcoming credit crunch nightmare and the collapse of the dollar

Gold and Subprime Dollar Backlash (FinancialSense)

EXCERPT: “They will deem the U.S. dollar and subprime currency and its’ obverse, the U.S. Treasury, as a subprime bond”

The Dirty Secret of Campus Credit Cards (Business Week)

A Guide to Narco-Dollars (Ratical)

The Agonies of AgFlation (Economist)

EXCERPT: “The soaring prices of bushels and barrels are not unconnected. The cost of agricultural commodities, just like oil and metals, has gone up sharply over the past couple of years. Aside from wheat, the prices of corn, rice and barley have all risen by over a third since 2005. Food prices around the world are rising so quickly that a new term has been coined to describe the ballooning price of breakfast staples and dinner-time favourites: agflation”

Impending Economic Crisis : The Myth that Markets Get It Right and Operate Efficiently (Global Research)

Excellent article on the coming collapse

Cost, Abuse and Danger of the Dollar (Global Research)

How China could crash the dollar on a whim (CurrencyTrading)

Dollar Crisis: None dare call it a conspiracy (Global Research)

The Worst Economy of Our Lifetime (Alternet)

How low can the dollar go? 12 experts weigh in (Currency Trading)

7 countries consider abandoning the dollar – and what it means (Global Research)

Concise, well written article

Maxed Out: The Great American Credit Farcetrailer (YouTube) and MaxedOutMovie.com


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