Random Interesting Links: Technophilia, Hack CoinStar, Star Wars the musical, Voodoo, Speed Levitch, and more
November 3, 2007, 8:13 pm
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Pledge to Give and Receive Handmade Gifts this Holiday Season (via Treehugger)

I found it interesting that the campaign is worded ‘I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me’, to ‘take a stand against cookie-cutter consumerism, sweatshop labor, and rampant environmental destruction’.  What about making homemade gifts, with sustainability, beauty and functionality in mind, for these same ends?  We need to break the patterns of consumption!

How To: Hack a CoinStar machine and bypass transaction fees (EnGadget)

How To: Remove scratches from CD’s and DVD’s (WiseBread)

Technophilia: Where to Find Public Records Online (LifeHacker)

FixYa.com : Costumer Support, Products Repair, Manual and Troubleshooting

The Cruise, director Bennett Miller‘s timeless portrait of New York City, free thinking and the 1990s as lived by Timothy “Speed” Levitch. In eleven beats on youtube: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (via Metafilter)

I first saw this movie in 2001; life through Speed’s mind is incredible – check it out!

Undiscovered Peru Amazon tribe spotted during flyover (BBC)

Drains of Canada: An Interview with Michael Cook (BldgBlog)

EXCERPT: “Michael Cook is a writer, photographer, and urban explorer based in Toronto, where he also runs a website called Vanishing Point.  Despite its subject matter, however, Vanishing Point is more than just another website about urban exploration. Cook’s accounts of his journeys into the subterranean civic infrastructure of Canada and northern New York State – and into those regions’ warehouses, factories, and crumbling hospitals – often include plans, elevations, and the odd historical photograph showing the sites under construction. For instance, his fascinating, inside-out look at the Ontario Generating Station comes with far more than just cool pictures of an abandoned hydroelectric complex behind the water at Niagara Falls, and the detailed narratives he’s produced about the drains of Hamilton and Toronto are well worth reading in full.
As the present interview makes clear, Cook’s interests extend beyond the field of urban exploration to include the ecological consequences of city drainage systems, the literal nature of public space, and the implications of industrial decay for future archaeology – among many other things we barely had time to discuss.”

Stephanie Keith met a Vodou priest at a Buddhist interfaith event in New York. He invited her to photograph and experience the religious world of his Haitian culture. Ten ceremonies later, she offers her images and reflections on these late-night rituals [5 minute video]. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

7 Deserted Wonders of the (Post)Modern World. 7 More Deserted Wonders of the Modern World. 7 Submerged Wonders of the World. 7 Underground Wonders of the World. (via Metafiler)

The Velvet Underground you never got to hear. Born from the same experimental influences and art-pop sensibilities as VU, but based in 60s counter-cultural Sweden, and rife with name changes galore, Pärson Sound aka International Harvester aka Harvester aka Träd, Gräs och Stenar (Trees, Grass and Stones) brought the heavy, heavy drone sound as far back as 1967 and are still active today. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

Star Wars: The Musical. Luke sings (“Uncle Owen I’m not like you. I can’t just bury my dreams (in the sands of Tatooine)”). Vader sings (“Bring me the passengers – every child woman and man!”). C3PO sings (“I am a droid, so don’t you mess with me.”). And Han sings a ballad that starts off like “The Impossible Dream,” then mutates into the bastard intergalactic cousin “Do You Hear The People Sing?” as it might be performed by Neil Diamond, Richard Burton and Peter Lorre. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

72 scenes from various episodes of The Simpsons, each one beside the movie scene to which they refer (By The Accordion Guy; via Metafilter)


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