Even more corporate crimes and misdemeanors

$1.2 Billion awarded to DynCorp, unaccounted for (CNN)

British Petroleum plea deal doesn’t prohibit prosecution of individuals (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “BP will soon become a felon for allowing safety to become so lax at its Texas City refinery that a preventable explosion snuffed out 15 lives.

But while the London-based oil giant’s admission of guilt next month will take the company out of the government’s cross hairs, individuals with culpability in the blast still could face criminal charges.”

Corporate Crime File: Oil Giant British Petroleum facing charges and lawsuits in multiple U.S. states and other countries (Alternet)

The Untold Story of How and Why Phillip Morris (aka Altria) is pushing for FDA regulation (PRWatch)

Cintas hit with $2.78 Million fine for industrial workers death in Tulsa OK (Tulsa World)

EXCERPT: “He died after he fell into an operating industrial dryer while clearing a jam of wet laundry on a conveyor that carries the laundry from the washer into the dryer, according to OSHA. Torres-Gomez was reportedly trapped in temperatures up to 300 degrees for at least 20 minutes. “The thought of how my father must have suffered haunts me and my family every day,” Emmanuel Torres-Gomez, one of four of Torres-Gomez’s surviving children, said in a statement. “We hope our loss will not be in vain, and that Cintas will fix the unsafe conditions in Tulsa and throughout the country.”

Rendition‘ lawsuit against Boeing subsidiary grows (Washington Post and PRWatch)

15 companies that will change the world (CNN)

Seeing corporate fingerprints in Wikipedia edits (NYTimes)

Fujitsu announces 3-D image recognition chip for robots (EnGadget)

Boeing almost awarded $24 Billion contract for $24 Million in services (Reuters/Yahoo)

“No clue how,” he said after checking with the base’s bean counters. “Thanks for bringing it to our attention.”

Once contracts are signed, it doesn’t matter what errors they contain, that’s the binding agreement.

Boeing profits up 61% (CNN)

Pharmaceutical Industry to start its’ own talk show (PR Watch)

25 Photos from a Toy Factory in China. (via Metafilter)

Mike versus J.P. ‘Goliath’ Morgan (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan screwed the pension funds of a lot of Greeks to line their own pockets, and then scapegoat some poor schmuck.

Wal-Mart plotted tax evasion strategies in ‘Tax Shelter Room’ (Raw Story)

West Virginia jury fines DuPont $1.9 Million (PollutionOnline)

EXCERPT: “In the environmental class-action trial which lasted for over a month, E.I. DuPont, the nation’s third largest chemical company, was found negligent in creating a 112-acre waste site, putting area residents at a higher-than-normal risk of diseases, including cancer, cognitive problems, cardiac disease and lead poisoning. The waste was generated from a zinc smelting operation once owned and operated by DuPont.”

The head of the Federal Trade Commission has refused to open a formal antitrust investigation of U.S. chipmaker Intel, despite requests by lawmakers, other commissioners, as well as probes by antitrust authorities overseas (CNN)

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