Int’l News: Saffron Monk escapes to Thailand, David Kelly murdered, Saint Conscientious Objector, Khmer Torture House, kill like the IDF and more
October 31, 2007, 6:15 am
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Millions of Israeli TV watchers aren’t getting their satellite feeds, and some sort of military-related jamming is the suspected culprit (Wired) 

Remember that Gulfstream full of cocaine found in the Yucatan in late September?  Yes, there’s more to it than that… (via MParent) 

“At the beginning of June the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI had authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to publish his declaration of the Catholic martyrdom of Franz Jagerstatter. The date for his beatification had been published as October 27, 2007. It will take place in Linz, Austria , where he had his farm and worked at the parish.  Franz Jagerstatter was an Austrian who was martyred because he refused to be drafted into the Nazi army after Hitler took over Austria . He said he could not participate in an unjust war, and for this the father of three little girls was beheaded within six months of his arrest.  Franz was not only a conscientious objector to war, but a selective conscientious objector. He could not join a fight which he believed to be morally wrong.” (WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

Return to the Republic of Death? ARENA’s new crackdown on dissent in El Salvador (Counterpunch)

Global Peace Index Ratings (VisionOfHumanity)

Check out where the U.S. ranks 

New evidence UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered (Mirror, UK)

How I know David Kelly was murdered, by the Minister of Parliament who spent a year investigating his death.  More here. (Global Research)

Summer camp teaches American kids how to kill like the Israeli Defense Force (Alternet)

EXCERPT: “If you are a young Muslim American and head off to the Middle East for a spell in a fundamentalist “madrassa,” or religious school, Homeland Security will probably greet you at the airport when you return.  But if you are an American Jew and you join hundreds of teenagers from Europe and Mexico for an eight-week training course run by the Israel Defense Forces, you can post your picture wearing an Israeli army uniform and holding an automatic weapon on MySpace.”

Nuclear Power Worldwide: Status and Outlook (Int’l Atomic Energy Agency via Global Research)

“The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) serves as the world’s foremost intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Established as an autonomous organization under the United Nations (UN) in 1957, the IAEA carries out programmes to maximize the useful contribution of nuclear technology to society while verifying its peaceful use.”

Leader of Saffron Revolution monks (Burma) escapes to Thailand to reveal details of junta oppression (International Herald Tribune)

EXCERPTS: “Eight of the 15 monks in his organizing committee are missing, he said. The other six, he said, are hiding in Yangon.” … “”In this country at present we are facing hardships,” Ashin Kovida recalled saying. “People are starving, prices are rising. Under this military government there are so many human rights abuses. I call on people to come to join together with us. We will continue these protests peacefully every day until we win. If there are no human rights there is no value of a human.” … “The police pulled the monks’ robes and beat them,” Ashin Kovida remembered. “Nuns were stripped of their sarongs.” … “It’s a stain on the history of Burma,” he said. “Inside Burma now, a lot of students and people are organizing the next step against the SPDC” – the acronym for the military government. “I think it will be the same time as the Olympics in China,” he said, referring to the 2008 Games in Beijing. “That is my own opinion.”

Out From Behind a Camera at a Khmer Torture House (NYTimes)

EXCERPT: “He had a job to do, and he did it supremely well, under threat of death, within earshot of screams of torture: methodically photographing Khmer Rouge prisoners and producing a haunting collection of mug shots that has become the visual symbol of Cambodia’s mass killings”… [Nhem En] “became the chief of six photographers at Tuol Sleng, where at least 14,000 people were tortured to death or sent to killing fields. Only a half dozen inmates were known to have survived.”

Inside France’s Secret War (Independent, UK)

EXCERPT: “For 40 years, the French government has been fighting a secret war in Africa, hidden not only from its people, but from the world. It has led the French to slaughter democrats, install dictator after dictator – and to fund and fuel the most vicious genocide since the Nazis. Today, this war is so violent that thousands are fleeing across the border from the Central African Republic into Darfur – seeking sanctuary in the world’s most notorious killing fields”


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