U.S. News: I told you so, Secession, Radiation Poisoning and the Second Coming
October 28, 2007, 12:19 pm
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 In the ‘I told you so’ department: remember that plan to ‘outsource’ Social Security?  (AmericaBlog)

Here’s the recent quarterly postings of some of the top hitters:

Washington Mutual – 75% drop
Merrill Lynch – $5 billion write down
UBS – $3.4 billion loss
Citigroup – 60% decline.
Deutsche Bank – $3.12 billion write down.

RIP: Robin Prosser, medical marijuana activist (Missoulian)

Citizens from Vermont and Tennessee are discussing secession (OpEdNews)

Former Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill on 60 Minutes from 2004.   (YouTube)

An indictment of the Bush Administration; a worthwhile watch

Dallas, TX: Federal authorities unsealed indictments Monday alleging a bribery and extortion scheme within city hall involving a state representative, numerous past and present city officials, and a prominent real estate developer.  The indictments charge 14 defendants with illegal dealings with contractors who were building publicly funded affordable-housing developments in Dallas.  A 15th defendant was indicted on allegations of tax fraud and a 16th was indicted on a count of embezzlement. ( Houston Chronicle)

U.S. ranked 48th of 169 in press freedom (Reporters Without Borders)

National Lawyers Guild calls for appointment of special independent counsel to investigate Bush policies that amount to torture

Alberto lawyers up (TPMuckraker)

Norwegian comedian interviews Republican Council member of New York, who doesn’t get the joke (YouTube)

Tom Delay: “The Second Coming is what I live for.  I hope it comes tomorrow.” (via WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

The Radiation Poisoning of America (Global Research)

EXCERPT: “Prior to 1996, the wireless age was not coming online fast enough, primarily because communities had the authority to block the siting of cell towers. But the Federal Communications Act of 1996 made it nearly impossible for communities to stop construction of cell towers “even if they pose threats to public health and the environment”. Since the decision to enter the age of wireless convenience was politically determined for us, we have forgotten well-documented safety and environmental concerns and, with a devil-may-care zeal that is lethally short-sighted, we have incorporated into our lives every wireless toy that comes on the market. We behave as if we are addicted to radiation. Our addiction to cell phones has led to harder “drugs” like wireless Internet. And now we are bathing in the radiation that our wireless enthusiasm has unleashed. Those who are addicted, uninformed, corporately biased and politically-influenced may dismiss our scientifically-sound concerns about the apocalyptic hazards of wireless radiation. But we must not. Instead, we must sound the alarm.

“Illa Garcia wore jewelry the first day she went back to work as a fire lookout for the state of California in the summer of 2002. The intense radiation from dozens of RF/microwave antennas surrounding the lookout heated the metals on her body enough to burn her skin. “I still have those scars,” she says. “I never wore jewelry to work after that.” Likely Mountain Lookout, on U.S. Forest Service land with a spectacular view of Mount Shasta, is one of thousands of RF/microwave “hot spots” across the nation. A newly-erected cellular communications tower was only 30 feet from the lookout. “One antenna on that tower was even with our heads,” recalls Garcia. “We could hear high-pitched buzzing. There were also three state communications antennas mounted on the lookout, only 6 feet from where we walked. We climbed past them every day.”

Motorola company manuals for management of communications sites confirm that high frequency radiation from these antennas is nasty stuff. Safety regulations mandate warning signs, EMF awareness training, protective gear, even transmitter deactivation for personnel working that close to antennas. Garcia and co-worker Mary Jasso were never warned about the hazards. This, they say, demonstrates extreme malfeasance on the part of agencies and commercial companies responsible for their exposure.

By the end of fire season, Garcia and Jasso were so ill they were forced to retire and the lookout was closed to state personnel. Garcia, 52, is now severely disabled with fibromyalgia, auto-immune thyroiditis and acute nerve degeneration. Medical tests confirmed broken DNA strands in her blood and abnormal tissue death in her brain.

Dr. Gunner Heuser, a medical specialist in neurotoxicity, states that Garcia’s disorders are a result of chronic electromagnetic field exposure in the microwave range and that “she has become totally disabled as a result.” Dr. Heuser wrote, “In my experience patients develop multisystem complaints after EMF exposure just as they do after toxic chemical exposure.”

Interim heads increasingly run federal agencies (NYTimes)

Trial in Ohio Political Corruption Scandal (CorruptionChronicles)

EXCERPT: “A federal trial this week in Akron could be the final chapter in a two-year public corruption scandal that has rocked Ohio politics with more than a dozen convictions, including a former Republican governor.”

Two executives of the alternative newspaper chain Village Voice Media were arrested last week after running a story about grand jury subpoenas [PDF] they received seeking reporters’ notes and information on who visits their Phoenix New Times Web site. The article, titled “Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution,” claims that the grand jury investigation stems from a long-running feud with controversial county sheriff Joe Arpaio (who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff”). The subpoenas demand New Times turn over all notes, tapes and records of the reporters who have ever written about Arpaio. The subpoenas also seek online profiles of anyone who read four specific articles about Arpaio and profiles of anyone who visited the paper’s Web site since Jan. 1, 2004. Also sought is information on what Web users did while on the site. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

NSA domestic surveillance began 7 months BEFORE 9/11, according to convicted Qwest CEO (Wired)

USDA inspectors bash food safety system (Houston Chronicle)

Nationwide revolt over dangerous vaccines accelerates (PrisonPlanet)

The Worst Mayor in America: Meet Jackson, Mississippi’s Frank Melton (Reason)

EXCERPT: “Among our mayor’s greatest hits:

  • He once stopped a school bus on a busy interstate because he “needed a hug” from the kids inside.
  • He’s been known to strap weapons to his chest and leg that he has no authority to carry or conceal, then wear them in public.
  • He regularly suits up and leads SWAT-style “raids” on homes, businesses, and even roadblocks in busy traffic-without cause or a warrant.
  • He has tried to close down the city’s strip clubs for moral reasons, despite no authority to do so.
  • He once bulldozed an elderly woman’s house, promising to build her a better one. He then forgot to build it.
  • He recruited a team of kids to torch a row of dilapidated shotgun houses, without clearance or first turning off the utilities.
  • He keeps a house full of young men, including minors and/or felons, without having the proper foster-parent credentials.
  • He once hid two of those young men wanted for armed robbery from the district attorney and county sheriff, driving away with one of them in his car after deputies stopped them and tried to serve a warrant on the young.

This list is not comprehensive.”        

Oral Roberts University was warned by IRS (Tulsa World)

Former Oral Roberts Regent ‘not surprised‘ by lawsuit allegations (TulsaWorld)

The Song That is Irresistible: How the State Leads People to Their Own Destruction (Mises)

Four sports scandals that gave Bush cover (Alternet)


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