America the Police State: more isolated incidents of police brutality
October 24, 2007, 6:28 am
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Good cops, bad cops, provo-cops – Quebec cops have admitted using undercover cops to attempt to incite violence (or accuse protestors of violence) With video

What’s worse is how bad they are at it: the fake protestors are even wearing the same shoes as the cops who take them away to safety!  And why weren’t these officers charged with inciting a riot, as so many protestors are?

NYC’s explosion in police repression and surveillance is a threat to us all (Alternet)

More than 2,000 criminal suspects died in police custody in the U.S. over a three-year period, half of them killed by officers as they scuffled or attempted to flee (Guardian, UK)

Government Accountability Office investigates ‘tough love’ camp nightmare (USA Today)

EXCERPT: [Investigator] “Kutz said there is no comprehensive nationwide data on deaths and injuries in residential treatment programs. The GAO identified 1,619 incidents of child abuse in such settings that were reported to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2005, but reporting is voluntary and not all states comply. Auditors found thousands of allegations in lawsuits, websites and state records, he said. “Examples of abuse include youth being forced to eat their own vomit, denied adequate food, being forced to lie in urine or feces, being kicked, beaten and thrown to the ground,” Kutz said, adding that one teen was reportedly “forced to use a toothbrush to clean a toilet, then forced to use that toothbrush on their own teeth.” In several cases examined by the GAO, staff was untrained to detect medical emergencies. “As a result, many of these kids died slowly while program management and staff continued to believe that they were faking it,” Kutz said.”

Chicago police to disband elite police unit under state and federal investigation for allegations ranging from armed violence and home invasion to kidnapping and plotting a murder-for-hire (AP/Yahoo)

Report faults LAPD’s handling of May Day protest in MacArthur Park (NYTimes) Full report-pdf

EXCERPT: “In the end, as seen on video, officers had driven thousands of people from the park, knocked over and struck some individuals – including media and non-media, peaceful or not – and deployed a total of 146 less-lethal impact munitions and over 100 uses of the baton. As a result, 246 individuals claimed injury (from two broken bones to bruises and numerous claims of emotional distress) and 18 officers were treated for various abrasions and contusions by Emergency Medical Technicians at MacArthur Park, or later at hospitals, and released.  As chaotic as that scene sounded, another major incident earlier – when police used a team of officers on motorcycles to try to push about 200 to 300 protesters outside the park – rated as “the proverbial ‘tipping point’ of the day.”

Houston TX to spend $24 Million on extra police overtime over next three years (Houston Chronicle)

“We cannot guarantee that we will not have criminals in Houston, Texas,” [Mayor Bill] White said. “But what I can say is that the criminals are going to have their hands full with the Houston Police Department.”

Kansas City, Kansas: Man dies in police custody after tasering (Local NBC news)

Investigation underway into West Texas youth prison (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “The problems at the juvenile prison in Bronte, operated by the GEO Group Inc. of Florida, were described in a report by TYC Ombudsman Will Harrell.  “There is a greater sense of fear and intimidation in this facility than perhaps any other I have been to,” Harrell wrote, according to The Dallas Morning News.  He also noted that some juvenile offenders were kept in “malodorous and dark” security cells for five weeks. They were allowed to leave, in shackles, only once a day for a shower.”


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