International News Round-Up: Asia and Africa
October 22, 2007, 8:51 pm
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Australia rules out involvement in U.S.-led military action in Iran (ABC)

Australia’s Killing Fields (Manic Times)

EXCERPT: “Thirty years after the Khmer Rouge took Cambodia, the country is on the brink of another humanitarian crisis. But this time Alexander Downer’s own department is directly involved. Cat Barton reports exclusively for Manic Times from Phnom Penh, where residents have been ‘dumped’ by the government to make space for urban development in the city, much of it in collaboration with private business.”

China, Filling a Void, Drills for Riches in Chad (NYTimes)

‘Filling a void’ my %$#@( !  Stone cold exploitation by all involved, Chinese, American and other.

China rejects buggy U.S. soybean exports (XinHuaNet)

Profit Knows No Borders: Selling Gardasil to the Rest of the World – Part 4 of the Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer – link to full set of articles (PRWatch)

The success of ‘small is beautiful‘ in Nepal (Treehugger)

U.S. agrees to nuclear deal with North Korea (German Press Agency via Raw Story)

Japan welcomes six nation talks to demilitarize North Korea (via Raw Story)

India’s Agrarian Martyrs, Are You Listening? (Dissident Voice)

EXCERPT: “Many of us remember the crucial failure of the WTO’s Fifth Ministerial Conference in Cancun, Mexico in 2003. It was on this day that Lee Kyung Hae, leader of the Korean Federation of Advanced Farmers, discovered that his loudest voice was in death. Wearing a sandwich board that read, “The WTO kills farmers!,” Lee took a knife and stabbed himself in the chest. His death was ignored by the WTO and the mainstream media. Given the lack of attention, many argue that his violent end was in vain. Sadly, his dishonored death is one of thousands being ignored by corporate mainstream media. In 2003, 17,107 farmers committed suicide. These suicides have become so commonplace that they are mystifying a nation and polarizing the debate over biotechnology. Like the revolutions in Nigeria, Venezuela and other developing countries, the current crisis in the Indian countryside is indicative of the indigenous proletariat plight.”

Mob attacks India grain warehouse (BBC)

Food riots are becoming more and more common.

Indian Prime Minister: No subsidies, more water conservation (Treehugger)

India’s Barefoot College Revolution: Hands-on, bottom-up and community-driven (Treehugger)


Africa: World leader in sustainable technology (Treehugger)

EXCERPT: “From the eco-tech perspective, the most interesting continent is Africa. Ill-equipped for the profligate consumption of nearly every resource, Africa is a study in efficiency, where leadership and ingenuity seem to naturally spring forth”

The History of Islam in Africa: A Historical Overview (WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

Destination Darfur: A New Cold War Over Oil (Counterpunch)

This article, about rape in the Eastern Congo makes for hard and disturbing, yet important, reading. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

China, Filling a Void, Drills for Riches in Chad (NYTimes)

‘Filling a void’ my %$#@( !  Stone cold exploitation by all involved, Chinese, American and other.


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