International News Round-Up: Americas – including articles of resistance and hope

 How Canada went from 21st to 2nd in the world’s oil reserves (Alternet)

The Epic Struggle of Indigenous Andean-Amazonian Culture (ZMag)

Wonderful, informative article; it’s the kind of knowledge that gives me hope

Let’s Respect Our Mother Earth, by Bolivian President Evo Morales (ZMag)

Solidarity needed to defend Bolivia’s revolution (ZMag)

The Mapuche in Chile: What Their Resistance Can Teach Us (ZMag)

EXCERPT: “The Mapuche people, their history, their culture, their struggles, have been covered by a veil of silence.  The little news that arrives from southern Chile is almost always related to acts of repression and accusations of “terrorism” made by the Chilean state.  Weighed down by social and political isolation, faced with either a difficult rural lifestyle or precarious, low-paying jobs in the cities, the Mapuche continue resisting the multinational timber and hydroelectric companies, fighting to keep their traditions alive”

The CIA’s attempts to destabilize Venzuela (Global Research)

Workers’ Power in Argentina  (ZMag)

The Chixoy Hydro-electric dam and genocide in Rio Negro, Guatemala (Mimundo blog)

The entire blog is moving and well-written.

EXCERPT: “During the last week of July, 2007, Rights Action organized a delegation comprised of activists from Mexico, Canada, and the United States who immerged themselves in the municipality of Rabinal so as to become informed on the continuously arduous struggle in search of justice and healing due to one of the most atrocious cases of human extermination prompted by so-called economic development.”

The Empire and the Independent Island, by Fidel Castro (via ZMag)

Cuba: Continuing Revolution and Contemporary Contradictions (Dissident Voice)

Great article, however it overlooks the fundamentally dictatorial Castro regime.  While I may empathize with many of the goals of the Castro and Chavez governments, I gotta say – the means and ends must be consistent.

Cuba upgrading its’ weapons in case of U.S. invasion (Times of India)

“Where there is no doctor”, a “village health-care handbook”, was originally published by Mexican health activists in 1973 as a response to a critical lack of medical care among Mexico’s poor. Now available for free download, the book covers such topics as “Family Planning” [pdf], Healing without Medicines [pdf], Common Medicines, their uses and doses [pdf], the right and wrong uses of modern medicines [pdf], and (in the midwives edition) DIY abortion [pdf]. [more inside] (via Metafilter)

The Latin American Revolt: An Introduction (Monthly Review)

Life in a FARC camp (Dissident Voice)

Is Bush restarting Latin America’s Dirty Wars? (Alternet)

Historic Victory in Ecuador: Correa Wins (Counterpunch)

Ecuador and the struggle for Latin American unity (Counterpunch)

Paraguay: The World’s Forgotten and Continuing Nightmare (ZMag)

Are the ‘missing’ and ‘delayed’ supplies meant for Iraq equipping a secret army in Venezuela? (VHeadline)

Bolivarian alternative for the Americas Bank to be established in 2007 (Global Research)

EXCERPT: “Representatives from the four countries that make up the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, met in Managua this week to discuss the formation of the Bank of ALBA. The new fund will be dedicated to promoting social and economic development in the region and could be operating by the end of the year, officials said… Representatives from the four countries signed a document in Managua to agree to the formation. According to Guevara, each ALBA member country will have an equal participation in the fund and will work to complement each other in social and economic development.”

“Guevara emphasized that the financing that the fund will provide will not come with conditions as are common with funding from international financial organizations. Officials have said that one of the fundamental purposes for the new development bank, as well as the proposed Bank of the South, is to free countries of the region from dependence on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Financing from these organizations usually comes with conditions that many say are damaging to the development of poor countries and favor the interests of developed countries.”

Behind Closed Doors: Tales from Canada’s Hidden Holocaust (Dissident Voice)

Photo images of the rich/poor divide (via MParent)


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