Catch Up: 2008 Elections News Round-Up
October 14, 2007, 11:27 am
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High Crimes and Misdemeanors on the Campaign Trail (Alternet)

Who would the World Elect?

Pro-war GOP Senators turning down national TV interviews (TalkingPointsMemo)

Analysis of the presidential candidates’ PR campaigns and potential chances (EMediaWire)

Of the 34 straw poll results posted, Ron Paul has come in 1st or 2nd at 22 of them (RonPaul2008.com)Desperate for a New Way (CNN via MParent)

“Should more people be listening to what Ron Paul has to say? Jack Cafferty asked this question on the CNN Situation Room, with Wolf Blitzer”

Ron Paul gets least time and fewest questions in recent debate (via MParent)

Compiled Ron Paul responses from Republican debate 10/9 (YouTube)

Ron Paul: A maverick, but not the good kind (Dissident Voice)

Ron Paul: Dollar could collapse to absolute zero (PrisonPlanet)

Ron Paul TV ads in New Hampshire (OperationNH, Ron Paul campaign)

The Ron Paul Breakthrough (Antiwar.com)

“His anti-war message is the key to his success”

Peggy Noonan warns readers to take Ron Paul seriously and gives her read of the races (Wall St Journal)

Ron Paul campaign distanced itself from its’ supporters claims of voting irregularities in the Ames Iowa straw poll (Raw Story)

Ron Paul : 1987 – saying the same things and voting on the same values and principles he speaks of today (YouTube)

Ron Paul signs not allowed in Pinellas County FL (YouTube)

“Pinellas County Employee removes signs from private property without a warning then threatens $1000/day fines if they are put back up.”

A New Hampshire mom walks her talk for Ron Paul (Christian Science Monitor)

Carl Bernstein: Hillary Clinton’s politics from 1968-2008 (Alternet)

BBC coverage of Clinton campaign

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright is campaigning for Clinton (National Journal)

Albright 9/14/07: “I mean, I think [George Bush] must think we’re all idiots”… “America needs Hillary Clinton, because we are in a mess”

Albright 2000: “This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it. [When asked on US television if she thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying]

Obama, Clinton and Cuba (GlobalResearch)

Interview with ‘Lady’ De Rothschild (Conde Nast’s Portfolio)

Including her admission that she’s backing Hillary Clinton

Clinton campaign killed negative story at GQ (Politico)

Edwards spoke out against ‘corporate Democrats’ (8/26/07 Alternet)

Don’t hold your breath; he’s just saying what he thinks you want to hear

Brzezinski Backs Obama (Washington Post)

War critics question Obama’s fervor (Washington Post)

Obama’s forgotten Wal-Mart endorsement (ZNet)

Kucinich met with Syrian President Assad September 2nd to discuss an Iraq Peace Plan (EarthTimes)

I No Longer Fear the Kucinich Revolution: Parts 1 2 3 4 (TownCalledDobson)

Point/Counterpoint : Kucinich given less time, fewer questions on ABC debate; ABC responds (Raw Story)

Mike Gravel excerpts from the Democratic debate 9/26 (WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

Romney really is his own biggest fan (AP/Yahoo)

EXCERPTS: “Romney is his presidential campaign’s most generous supporter, lending $17.5 million from his personal fortune so far. His Republican rivals are bracing themselves for him to do it again. And again….Overall, Romney has receipts of about $62 million, with $45 million raised from about 100,000 donors this year. That means he has dipped into his pocket for 28 percent of his total. In his 2002 gubernatorial campaign he had $9.4 million in receipts, of which $6.3 million came from him.”

Mitt Romney’s Blackwater Connection (Portland Indymedia)

Giuliani fundraiser behind California Republican vote-grabbing scheme (NY Daily News)

EXCERPT: “Rudy Giuliani’s top fundraiser, hedge fund giant Paul Singer, revealed himself today as the sole financial backer of a stalled ballot drive to turn California into a motherlode of Republican votes in 2008.  Singer’s disclosure, made in a statement to The Daily News, came a day after Republican operatives in the Golden State announced they were halting their ballot effort, in part because they were unsure of their own funders’ identity.  The group, Californians for Equal Representation, had received exactly one donation for $175,000, from a mysterious, Missouri-based corporation identified only as Take Initiative America.”

Expose on Giuliani’s Terrorism Record (Time)

How much credit does Giuliani deserve for fighting crime? (PolitiFact)

Rudy’s Dirty Money (The Nation)

Estimate: Giuliani spent 7% as much time at Ground Zero as first responders (Raw Story)

Giuliani boats of NYC surplus; reality is more complex (NYTimes)

Rudy’s Radicals (Antiwar.com)

A look at who’s behind the Giuliani campaign

Thompson linked to work for Libyans (NYTimes)


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[…] Catch Up: 2008 Elections News Round-Up […]

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[…] Catch Up: 2008 Elections News Round-Up […]

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