Keeping track of the fascists

NORTHCOM plans 5 day Martial Law Exercise October 15-20 (IntelStrike.com)

In case you missed it, on May 9, 2007 Bush declared himself dictator in case of a “catastrophic emergency” (Rogue Government)

The Real News is a non-profit news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. Our staff, in collaboration with courageous journalists around the globe, will investigate, report and debate stories on the critical issues of our times.

We are approaching a genuine surveillance society in the U.S.  (ACLU)

When America Went Fascist (SmirkingChimp)

The article observes the following characteristics of fascism: hypnotized by symbols, impoverished language, mood of pervasive fear, the nation as Homeland

Another Day, Another War Crime: A classified program used by U.S. military snipers has come under scrutiny in recent days. The Washington Post reports that, “A Pentagon group has encouraged some U.S. military snipers in Iraq to target suspected insurgents by scattering pieces of ‘bait,’ such as detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items, according to military court documents.” (Raw Story)

The Department of Homeland Security already knows everything about your travel.  Now, for the first time, The Identity Project makes it easy for you to request the unclassified parts of the dossier that the DHS has complied on you. (PapersPlease and UnSecureFlight)

Immigrant Detention Center proposed in Virginia (Washington Post)

First they came from the illegal immigrants …

A Coup Has Occurred” Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department analyst who leaked the secret Pentagon Papers history of the Vietnam War, offered insights into the looming war with Iran and the loss of liberty in the United States at an American University symposium on Sept. 20. (Consortium News)

EXCERPT: “I think nothing has higher priority than averting an attack on Iran, which I think will be accompanied by a further change in our way of governing here that in effect will convert us into what I would call a police state.”

Navy to spend $600K to mask their swastika-shaped building (via Raw Story)

Project Censored 2007 (via MParent)

1)     The end of habeas corpus

2)     Martial Law: coming to a town near you

3)     AfriCom

4)     Secret trade agreements

5)     Slaves built the U.S. embassy in Iraq

6)     Operation Falcon

7)     Blackwater : the outsourcing of war

8)     KIA : the neoliberal invasion of India

9)     Privatization of America’s infrastructure

10) Vulture Funds: devouring the desperate

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