More isolated incidents of police brutality
September 29, 2007, 9:13 pm
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Two more isolated incidents of police brutality (Reason.com)

More posts on the militarization of the police

Copwatchers: New YouTube Page for Monitoring Oppression & Brutality

Cop gets 90 days in jail for killing unarmed mentally disabled man (AP via UnknownNews)

Concerns about Taser rollout in UK (BBC)

British police told they can use tasers on children (Daily Mail, UK)

Oakland CA cop beats, tasers then shoots suspect in the back (via MParent)

Chicago’s “finest” under fire for brutality (CNN)

America’s police brutality now pandemic (Rense)

By Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan

Florida cops to start carrying submachine guns on the streets (Local 6 TV)

School guards break child’s arm and arrest her for dropping birthday cake (via MParent)

Police now staking out home of kid who taped cop threatening to “make up reasons to put him in jail” (via MParent)

Man who died in Pasadena TX jail had 11 rib fractures (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “The report lists “accidental injury, intoxication, suicide or homicide” as the cause of death. Gonzales died from injuries that had been “inflicted by law enforcement officers,” it continues. “Knee strikes” were listed as the means of death.”

Pasadena TX officer found guilty in road rage incident (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “Kacz, 26, was in civilian clothes when he chased a driver who cut him off about 2 a.m. on Beltway 8 at Spencer, said prosecutor Joe Owmby. When the driver stopped at a light, Kacz got out of his Nissan pickup and tapped his gun on the sideview mirror, then chased the sport utility vehicle to an apartment complex, where he fired the gun at least three times at a passenger. Kacz is at least the fourth Pasadena officer prosecuted criminally since last year. His conviction comes at a time when Pasadena officers Jason W. Buckaloo and Christopher S. Jones are under investigation for their role in the July 21 homicide of Pedro Gonzales Jr.”

Veteran and writer Michael E. Kreca murdered by San Diego police, February 2006 (Sia News)

NRA audience called for female to be tased (Raw Story)

Cops scramble to buy ammo as supply gets scarce (Journal News NY)

Florida man says he was tasered over Quran (AP/Google)

D.C. police try to explain murder of 14 year old (Washington Post)


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