Planetary News : The Earth Fights Back
September 28, 2007, 6:04 am
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Earth fights back (Guardian, UK)

EXCERPT: “The Earth is responding as a single, integrated system to climate change driven by human activities. Global warming is not just a matter of warmer weather, more floods or stronger hurricanes, but is also a wake-up call to Terra Firma. It may be no coincidence that one outcome of increased volcanic activity is likely to be a period of falling temperatures, as a veil of volcanic dust and gas reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface. Maybe the Earth is trying to tell us something. It really would be worth listening before it is too late.”

Imaging a Shattered Earth : Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate

University of Oakland exhibition

Manmade chemicals cause 2:1 ratio of girl to boy births in Artic (Treehugger)

EXCERPT: “The scientists point out that the findings may also provide a reasonable explanation for the recent excess of girl babies across much of the northern hemisphere, and are now broadening their investigation across the most acutely affected communities in Russia, Greenland and Canada. The focus now will be to determine the size of the imbalance, which may prove to be significant considering that the inhabitants of one village in Greenland have given birth exclusively to females recently.”

Wheat prices reach record levels (BBC)

Thank you biodiesel industry!

Smart move BP Amoco : BP decides not to increase the amount of pollution it dumps into Lake Michigan (Chicago Tribune)

They’ll continue polluting the lake, just not ‘more’

“A generation after the world’s worst ever industrial disaster occurred at a U.S. multinational-owned pesticide plant in Bhopal, central India, responsibility continues to be evaded on cleaning up thousands of tonnes of toxic chemicals that have contaminated the soil and water in the vicinity.(IPS)

Microwave Popcorn : the noisy killer (Houston Chronicle)

National Park’s Conservation Association report : Unnatural Disaster – Global Warming and Our National Parks (pdf)

5,000 fish killed by Pensacola Dam on Grand Lake (Tulsa World)

Korean researchers develop less efficient, but super cheap solar cells (EnGadget)

A large freshwater lake lies under the Antarctic ice. Russian researchers bored a hole in the ice, almost all the way down to Lake Vostok, before complying with requests that they stop. The lake has been isolated under 4km of ice for at least 500,000 years, and could be irreversibly contaminated if the Russians’ drill breaks through to the liquid. There may be life in the cold, highly-oxygenated water of the lake. Confident that they can reach the lake safely, the Russians have resumed drilling. (via Metafilter)

Gardens vital for bee survival (BBC)

Innovative fixes for flood issues in India (Hindustan Times)

Jumbo squid invading California (National Geographic)

Study: Rising temperatures pose danger to Canadian Inuit (USA Today)

Ethical shopping just another way shows how rich you are (Guardian, UK)


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