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September 26, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Partial lists of GOP corruption, hypocrisy, and pedophilia. (Senate2008Guru blog and ArmChairSubversive)

Alright, where’s the list of Democrats? I’m not playing favorites; they’re all corrupt!

In my post the other day on hypocrites in all walks of life, I neglected to tip my hat to CorruptionChronicles, a Judicial Watch blog. They’re a constant, reliable source of information.

While we’re on the topic of GOP pedophilia, if you have not heard of ‘Conspiracy of Silence’, this is a documentary you need to see.

Video: Children worshipping a cardboard cutout of Bush at Jesus Camp (YouTube)

October 22nd is the next march/demonstration/speakers/music “No War, No Warming (Dissident Voice and NoWarNoWarming)

Santa Barbara art project nixed. The idea was to paint waves at intersections to show where global warming may push the seas, according to current research. Nixed because, of course, this could affect property values. (LA Times)

Whistleblower and former engineer calls Boeing 787’s fuselage unsafe (Seattle Times)

What about “No Taxation Without Representation!”? Senate kills push to give Washington DC a voice in Congress (LA Times)

And don’t forget Puerto Rico!

Washington DC considering proposal to require more bike parking (Treehugger)

Jimmy Carter: “”I worship Christ who was the prince of peace, not pre-emptive war.” And he’s got a movie out too. (AFP via Raw Story)

Every Friday, more than 50,000 children are taking backpacks full of food home from school in programs that have quietly swept the nation. The goal is to keep needy kids and their families from going hungry on weekends. More than 120 food banks are distributing backpacks at 1,200 sites — mostly schools — in 40 states, up from about 30 food banks in a handful of states three years ago, according to Maura Daly of America’s Second Harvest, a network of food banks.” (USA Today)

Government regulators have not increased E. Coli inspections (AP/Houston Chronicle)

Article no longer available; here’s a link to an MSNBC article on the same subject.  

Anthrax and Tularemia Bioweapons Bungling in Texas: Time to Lay to Rest the Myth of “No Accidents” (Sunshine Project via MParent)

Centers for Disease Control finds breaches of security at Texas A&M’s infectious diseases lab (Houston Chronicle) 

Article no longer available; here’s “Centers for Disease Control suspend A&M research on infectious diseases” (Dallas Morning News, July 1, 2007) and “A&M vows to fix biodefense security breaches” (Dallas Morning News from Sept. 7, 2007)

 Planned Army expansion will increase pollution (PEER/Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility)

When moderates feel lost in the GOP (LA Times)

More state congressmen leaving the Republican party

Are we “good Germans”? (Information Clearinghouse)

EXCERPT: “If you consider the one million Iraqis who died as a result of the 1991-2003 sanctions and the one million who have died since the 2003 invasion, the word genocide comes to mind. If you consider the four million Iraqi refugees resulting from our invasion and occupation, and the resulting sectarian violence causing the creation of unprecedented sectarian enclaves in Iraq, the term ethnic cleansing comes to mind.”

In case you missed it: an Energy Department audit found that nuclear weapons facilities “could not readily account for or locate some of the items included in our inventory sample(Reuters/Yahoo)

There is still not a complete list of Katrina victims (NOLA Times Picayune)


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