Hypocrisy & Corruption : Government, Military, Corporations and the Boy Scouts
September 22, 2007, 1:39 pm
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A federal grand jury is investigating whether New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, a former member of the U.S. House, illegally steered lobbying business to his former chief of staff with whom he was also romantically linked. (Corruption Chronicles)

Our representatives? 13 Congressmembers receive subpoenas for documents and testimony of the Duke Cunningham case. All 13 have decided not to comply, on advice of the Congressional counsel. (Raw Story)

CBS News reported Tuesday that “over the last 60 years, at least 5,100 adult leaders were kicked out of the [Boy] Scouts because of allegations of sexual abuse.”…“Troop leaders were being tossed out for suspected abuse every three days before 1991 and every 2 days since then.” (Raw Story)

History will not absolve us : leaked Red Cross report details evidence for future war crimes trials of Americans (Village Voice)

An independent watchdog agency has asked the Department of Education to investigate why President Bush’s younger brother, Neil, has received money earmarked for the president’s signature education initiative to sell a curriculum program that has not been subjected to the rigorous evaluation it deserves. (Raw Story)

US soldiers are killing civilians with impunity in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Department of Defense is going to “unprecedented lengths” to suppress information about these war crimes, according to the nearly 10,000 pages of Pentagon documents made public by the American Civil Liberties Union.” (PressEsc.com)

State official accused of blocking inquiry (NYTimes)

EXCERPT: “A top House Democrat began an inquiry on Tuesday into accusations that the State Department’s inspector general repeatedly interfered with investigations into fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, including security defects at the new United States Embassy in Baghdad.”

Wal-Mart threatens to sue lab that found toxins in its’ toys (ConsumerAffairs via MParent)

Former VECO CEO admits he spent more than $400,000 to bribe state legislators (AP/MyWay)

Two mortgage companies barred from Texas; lawsuits claim they preyed on homeowners facing foreclosure (Houston Chronicle)

“French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis has agreed to pay $190 Million dollars to settle a probe into whether it overcharged US government health care programs (AFP via MParent)

Department of Justice wants spying lawsuit against Verizon dropped (CNet News)


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