News by and about the U.S. military

The War As They Saw It: “Two of the seven non-commissioned officers who penned a New York Times op-ed that called the war in Iraq the “pursuit of incompatible policies to absurd ends” were killed yesterday when their vehicle turned over on a road near Baghdad. After hearing the news, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) sent a letter to the President. It reads, in part: “The tragic irony is that before their deaths, these two soldiers were not only trying to give us direction on how to end this war honorably, but they were also calling on us for help…. Mr. President, you didn’t listen to Staff Sergeant Yance Gray and Sergeant Omar Mora while they were alive. I hope that you will listen to them now, as they have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.” (Mother Jones)

“In a war that has left more than 27,000 wounded, ALIVE DAY MEMORIES looks at a new generation of veterans. For the first time in American history, 90% of the wounded survive their injuries, but a greater percentage of these men and women are returning with amputations, traumatic brain injuries and severe post-traumatic stress. More than half these injuries are too severe to permit a return to active military service. Gandolfini, who has visited the troops in Iraq on behalf of the USO, serves as executive producer. In ALIVE DAY MEMORIES he interviews ten soldiers who reveal their feelings on their future, their severe disabilities and their devotion to America. Their first-person stories are augmented by harrowing footage from the war-torn streets of Iraq, and from embedded cameras in the vehicles of the soldiers, which was shot when they were injured, as well as disturbing video of IED (Improvised Explosive Device) bombings released by insurgents, and soldiers’ personal home videos and photographs.” (HBO)


The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness (The Nation)


CNN TV “Good Morning America” program on Depleted Uranium – video and transcript (GlobalResearch.ca)


When a U.S. soldier in Iraq refuses to kill part one and two (Christian Science Monitor via Alternet)


In April 2006, a unit of 8 U.S. soldiers kidnap an Iraqi civilian, Mr. Hashim Ibrahim Awad, dump him in a hole, shoot him in the head 10 times, and plant a gun and shovel on him. They did this because they couldn’t find the ‘insurgent’ they were looking for. (BBC and TruthOut)


Veterans question ethics of war policies (Washington Post)


The choice is yours America, freedom or totalitarianism? (Counterpunch)

Sgt. Kevin Benderman is a ten year Army veteran who served a combat tour in Iraq at the time of the initial invasion. He returned to file a conscientious objector application as his legal show of refusal to further participate in a military action he knew to be wrong. He served over a year in prison for his actions. Please visit http://www.BendermanDefense.org to learn more.”


Pat Tillman : The Fog of Fame 1: Everyone’s political football 2: How Pat Tillman Died 3: Inside the Labyrinth of Lies – the coverup (Counterpunch)


The murder of Jamie Dean (Salon)

“Police in rural Maryland staged a military stakeout and shot a troubled Army vet. As his family plans to sue, they are asking how a soldier being treated for PTSD could be shipped to Iraq.”


The Uncounted Casualties of War : Increase in Veteran Suicide (Alternet)


In case you missed it: the three military officials who were ‘reprimanded’ for Pat Tillman’s death, weren’t really. You should not consider this as an adverse action,” letters to the officers say. “This document will not be filed in any system of records maintained by the Army.” (CNN)

Because outspoken critics of the War Of Terror get shot in the head all the time.


The Bush administration opposes a Democratic effort to restore full educational benefits for returning veterans, according to an official’s comments [last month]. Senate Democrats, led by Virginia’s Jim Webb, want the government to pay every penny of veterans’ educational costs, from tuition at a public university to books, housing and a monthly stipend. (ABC)


Veteran’s rare cancers raise fears of toxic battlefields (NY Sun)

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