Economic News Round-up
September 18, 2007, 8:09 pm
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Dollar’s retreat raises fear of collapse (Int’l Herald Tribune)

Is China quietly dumping US Treasuries? (Telegraph, UK)

Minimum wage rates across the country (Consumerist.com)

US heads for recession as foreign investors rush for the exit from US dollar holdings (Market Oracle, UK)

CitiGroup Foreign Exchange is doing research into Dow crash scenarios (Kingsland Report blog via MParent)

Are Big Banks betting America’s savings on a market crash? (Wake Up From Your Slumber)

“The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked the top brass of nearly 300 U.S. companies to better explain the pay packages of top executives(CNN)

M3 is back – an in-depth analysis of the money supply with lots of charts and graphs for the visual learners (NowAndFutures via MParent)

Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers expects 21%drop in revenue, gives no outlook for future (CNN)

Gold’s time is coming,” [Newmont Mining VP] Lassonde said. The price will have three zeros, “I just don’t know what the first number is going to be,” he said, without giving a timeframe. (Bloomberg)

Gold is currently trading around $675; gold, silver, copper and other precious metals are the only truly valuable money that ever was or ever will be.

American home foreclosures up 93% from last year (Guardian, UK )

Bad credit threatens U.S. economy more than terrorism (AP/Yahoo)

That makes you, consumer, the ‘new terrorist’

The Age of Disaster Capitalism, interview with Naomi Klein in the Guardian

If we are Rome, Wall Street is our Coliseum (Market Watch)

US health insurance costs rise twice as fast as pay (AFP via Raw Story)

Thousands of homeowners face an “imminent risk” of losing their homes because of clashes between American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. and its former financial backers”(Wall Street Journal)

Recession Time : The Housing Bubble Bursts the Economy (Center for Economic and Policy Research)

Return of the Robber Barons (Dissident Voice)

“Always low prices” cost dearly (Capitol Times, Madison WI)

Fuzzy Bush math : the deficit is bigger than you think (Fortune via CNN)

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