“I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“God told me to strike at Al-Qaeda. And I struck them. And then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did. And now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East.”

George W. Bush, 2003

UK general criticizes US war on Iraq (BBC)

“Intellectually bankrupt”

Second UK general criticizes US policy (Yahoo)

“Fatally flawed”

Plane with U.S. congressmen fired on while leaving Iraq (CNN)

Cheney on the dangers of invading Iraq, 1994 (YouTube)

How this video became unearthed (Washington Post blog)

DICK Cheney quote: “How many dead Americans is Saddam worth?”

Iraq Contracting Bribes: $9.6 Million flowed like water (TPMuckraker)

Iraq Corruption Probe widens, again (MotherJones)

A selection of postings by Iraqi bloggers inside and outside of Iraq (BBC)

U.S. to free 50 Iraqi detainees a day during Ramadan (Yahoo)

Doesn’t this suggest they already know they should be free and are just holding them captive because they can?

Beyond the Rhetoric of Withdrawal : Our Air War Over Iraq (Dissident Voice)

Iraq Water Planet cause of cholera outbreak (Reuters)

For those of you who wanted Iraq bombed to the Stone Age… you got it (MSNBC/Newsweek via MParent)

“War is pushing Baghdad out of the 21st century and back to a bygone age of ferrymen, midwives, donkey drivers and shepherds.”

Original Iraq War propagandist Ari Fleischer returns to head the neocon front group Freedom Watch to promote World War (Think Progress)

MSNBC & CNBC refusing to run Freedom Watch commercials (PowerLine blog)

Military coup planned for Iraq? (Juan Cole blog)

Militias seizing control of Iraq’s power grid (NYTimes)

Sounds to me like they really want their electricity and water treatment systems back

Succeeding by Withdrawing : U.S. forces would only make things worse by staying in Iraq (LATimes via MParent)

EXCERPT: “Still don’t like any of my proposals? Fine. Say we stick with the current White House approach. Iraqis are now fleeing their country at the rate of 50,000 a month. If that keeps up, Iraq will be entirely depopulated in 45 years.”

Pentagon probes missing weapons and fraud charges (Yahoo)

Army Colonel acquitted; no one was or is responsible for what happens at Abu Ghraib (NYTimes)

1,140,000 Iraqis have become refugees in the past eight months (Yahoo)


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