Puerto Rico’s call for Iraq withdrawal, nuclear secrets in Tennessee, DU in Hawaii, the smell of the Arkansas River and other news from around the U.S.


A call by Puerto Rico’s governor for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq earned a standing ovation from a conference of more than 4,000 National Guardsmen. (AP/CBS)

“Canadian Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion alleged yesterday that there are secret talks under way between the Canadian and U.S. governments over bulk water exports to water-starved parts of the U.S. despite a firm denial from the government.” (Globe and Mail via MParent)

Increasing in absurdity every day: Now pigeon dung accumulated over decades is being looked at as a possible cause of the Minneapolis bridge collapse (AP/Yahoo) 

In her first public statement, Marie Tillman, widow, states “We are in need of authentic leadership on so many levels (AP/Yahoo)

Nuclear fuel hazards kept secret at Tennessee plant (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at a nuclear fuel processing plant — including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction. The leak turned out to be one of nine violations or test failures since 2005 at privately owned Nuclear Fuel Services, a longtime supplier of fuel to the U.S. Navy’s nuclear fleet. The public was never told about the problems when they happened. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission revealed them for the first time last month when it released an order demanding improvements at the company but no fine.”

Top Forestry Official faces contempt charges, jail (AP/Yahoo)

EXCERPT: A federal judge in Montana has ordered the Bush administration’s top forestry official to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court for the U.S. Forest Service’s failure to analyze the environmental impact of dropping fish-killing fire retardant on wildfires. If found in contempt, Agriculture Undersecretary Mark Rey, who oversees the U.S. Forest Service, could go to jail until the Forest Service complies with the court order to do the environmental review.”

Bush’s bid for a death penalty fast track (AlterNet)

“A look at the White House’s plans to cut death row inmates’ right of appeal”

Tulsans told to get used to the smell of the Arkansas River (TulsaWorld)

Army admits use of depleted uranium on sacred land in Hawaii (Bella Ciao)

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