How to rip Netflix, modern hobos, LSD & the CIA, the 11th dimension and other random links
September 1, 2007, 7:41 pm
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The New Students for a Democratic Society just held a convention. Here’s a summary by an attendee from ZMag.

1,000 year timeline of music (BBC)

Top Ten Bizarre Disasters – like the Great Boston Molasses Flood! (Listverse.com)

Chinese Theme Parks (University of Oregon)

Florida Splendid China (Illicit Ohio)

A crazy Chinese theme park in Florida

Alternatives to Google (AskReaMaor)

Also, Wiki is developing a search engine (Reuters)

Are these the funniest movies of all time? (Guardian, UK)

The 11th dimension and parallel universes (PonderAbout)

LSD and the CIA (HistoryHouse)

How to rip Netflix’ ‘Watch Now’ movies onto your hard drive (LifeHacker)

Was the American Revolution bad for America? (AlterDestiny blog)

10 Worst Disasters of the Century (Popular Mechanics)

Popular Mechanics has gone downhill lately. In this article, the 20th century includes Katrina, from the 21st century.

Little Feat – Fat Man in the Bathtub from Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC 1975 (YouTube)

Modern Hobos still ride on (Agence France Presse via Raw Story)

Creepy old advertisements (Weirdomatic)


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