2008 Candidate Gossip and Election Fraud Round-Up


“Ames Straw Poll: 26,000 people purchase tickets to go to a Straw Poll event, and yet we are to believe that 12,000 of those people couldn’t even care less about the voting part? Just what were they there for?” Read more here. (MParent and WhatReallyHappened)

Why are Neocons endorsing Hillary Clinton? (MParent)

Ron Paul supporters were angered at this weekend’s straw poll in Iowa by the fact that Diebold voting machines once again malfunctioned and caused significant delays in the count, coupled with the fact that a Mitt Romney team member was placed in charge of overseeing the voting procedure. (InfoWars)

Fuzzy Math : The Iowa Straw Poll (WhatReallyHappened)

Romney stock includes oil company in Sudan (LATimes via MParent)

Will Bush cancel the 2008 elections? (CommonDreams)

“State-sanctioned teams of computer hackers were able to break through the security of virtually every model of California’s voting machines and change results or take control of some of the systems’ electronic functions, according to a University of California study released Friday.

“The researchers “were able to bypass physical and software security in every machine they tested,” said Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who authorized the “top to bottom review” of every voting system certified by the state. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Hypocrite John Edwards chides Hillary Clinton for accepting $20K NewsCorp donation, when he made $500K from his book published by HarperCollins – a NewsCorp subsidiary (NYPost)

Tracking Face Time : appearances by presidential candidates per network (NYTimes)

Through July 15th of this year, Fox News has conducted 718 interviews with presidential candidates. 106 of those were with Democratic candidates, none were with Barack Obama. Yep, seems fair and balanced to me” – Fark.com

Emails detail Republican National Committee voter suppression in 5 states (MParent)

EXCERPT: “Previously undisclosed documents detail how Republican operatives, with the knowledge of several White House officials, engaged in an illegal, racially-motivated effort to suppress tens of thousands of votes during the 2004 presidential campaign in a state where George W. Bush was trailing his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry.

The documents also contain details describing how Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign officials, and at least one individual who worked for White House political adviser Karl Rove, planned to stop minorities residing in Cuyahoga County from voting on election day.

The efforts to purge voters from registration rolls was spearheaded by Tim Griffin, a former Republican National Committee opposition researcher. Griffin recently resigned from his post as interim US attorney for Little Rock Arkansas. His predecessor, Bud Cummins, was forced out to make way for Griffin.

Another set of documents, 43 pages of emails, provided to Truthout by the PBS news program “NOW,” contains blueprints for a massive effort undertaken by RNC operatives in 2004, to challenge the eligibility of voters expected to support Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in states such as Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Pennsylvania.

One email, dated September 30, 2004, and sent to a dozen or so staffers on the Bush-Cheney campaign and the RNC, under the subject line “voter fraud strategy conference call,” describes how campaign staffers planned to challenge the veracity of votes in a handful of battleground states in the event of a Democratic victory.”

Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Mysteriously Disappear Again (Mother Jones)

EXCERPT: “Exactly two years ago, Mark Crispin Miller, writing for Harper’s, presented a highly detailed and shocking report of the presidential election shenanigans that took place in Ohio in 2004. There is no way anyone can read this collection of facts and still believe that the election in Ohio was honest. Everything from violation of Ohio’s own election laws to destruction of ballots to intimidation of voters is clearly documented.

The news media, however, paid little attention to Miller’s report, and the Democratic Party paid even less attention to it. Almost a year later, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote a similar story for Rolling Stone, and for some reason, liberals paid more attention to that piece, in most cases, behaving as though the Miller story had never seen the light of day. But in no time at all, even the Kennedy story faded away.”

Earlier this week, Steven Rosenfeld, writing for AlterNet, reports:

“Two-thirds of Ohio counties have destroyed or lost their 2004 presidential ballots and related election records, according to letters from county election officials to the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner.”

“The lost records violate Ohio law, which states federal election records must be kept for 22 months after Election Day, and a U.S. District Court order issued last September that the 2004 ballots be preserved while the court hears a civil rights lawsuit alleging voter suppression of African-American voters in Columbus.”

Beyond a paper trail : 38 states require a paper trail, 15 of those require audits, but none conduct tests which would detect software based attacks, programming errors or bugs (News.com)

Reversing an unofficial policy of denial, the Florida Secretary of State’s office has conducted an elections study that confirmed Tuesday what a maverick voting chief discovered nearly two years ago: Insider computer hackers can change votes without a trace on Diebold optical-scan machines. (Miami Herald via MParent)

In violation of federal law, in 56 of Ohio’s 88 counties, ballots and election records from 2004 have been “accidentally” destroyed, despite a federal order to preserve them — it was crucial evidence which would have revealed whether the election was stolen. (Alternet)

E-voting hacks to get Capitol Hill spotlight (News.com)

Giuliani’s Five Big Lies about 9/11 (MParent)

The fallout from California’s ban on e-voting machines (Alternet)

Diebold machines used in Iowa straw poll (National Expositor)

A visit to Diebold Election Systems Inc in Allen, TX (BradBlog)

Shadows on High : Did They Cheat in the ’04 Election? (ProgressOhio)

Voter Caging & Housing Works : How secure is your right to vote? NOW investigates a secret Republican plan designed to disqualify voters.

Billionaires For Bush : Because there’s millions more jobs to cut


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