This Week’s Update on The War Of Terrorism


One Million Iraqis Killed (PressEsc)

Bush’s War Czar “It makes sense to consider draft(WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US (Belfast Telegraph, UK)

Iraq : A little easier to occupy from the air (Uruknet)

EXCERPT: “U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft dropped five times as many bombs in Iraq during the first six months of this year as over the first half of 2006, according to official information.

They dropped 437 bombs and missiles in Iraq in the first half of 2007, compared to 86 in the first half of 2006. This is also three times more than in the second half of 2006, according to Air Force data.”

Nearly half of Iraqis living in “absolute poverty (MParent blog)

That’s starvation level in academic speak.


Research being done on how to ship Iraqi oil to Israel (WakeUpFromYourSlumber blog)


300 towns, cities and states have passed resolutions opposing the war in Iraq (AfterDowningStreet.org)


Remotely controlled armed robots deployed in Iraq (EnGadget)

State Dept ends Baghdad electricity updates (TPMuckraker)

This is no surprise, the Bush Administration has changed and/or eliminated alot of reporting…(TPMuckraker lists over 20 examples)


Here’s your tax dollars at work : a ten minute video compilation of destroyed American equipment (Google Video)

More on Project Hostile Intent (Guardian, UK)


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