This Week’s Selective World News
August 5, 2007, 8:59 pm
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 Israeli Prime Minister announces $30 Million in US military aid (Agence France Press via Yahoo)

UN requires ‘better’ peacekeepers (BBC)

“A UN official has said soldiers from countries whose armies are suspected of torture and abuse should not be considered for peacekeeping operations.”

Five years later, cameraman still held at Guantanamo with no charges filed (TruthOut)

EXCERPT: “He’s all but unknown in the United States, the country of his jailers, but in his homeland of Sudan, Sami al Hajj is a national hero. The president has spoken out about him, demonstrations have been held in his name, and a bakery in Khartoum has printed his picture on its packaging.

A 38-year-old cameraman for the Arabic news network al Jazeera, Hajj has been imprisoned as an “enemy combatant” at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for five years, but never charged with any crime. He was arrested by Pakistani police in December 2001 while on his way to a news assignment in Afghanistan, but he’s denied having any links to terrorism.”

[SATIRE] Study: Iraqis may experience sadness when friends, relatives die (The Onion)

EXCERPT: “Though Pryztal expects the results of the study may be of some interest to students of Arab psychology, he did concede that the data may not be entirely accurate because it was gathered directly from Iraqis themselves. “Almost all the Iraqis we interviewed said the war had ruined their lives because of the incalculable loss of friends and family,” Pryztal said. “But to be totally honest, these types of studies can be skewed rather easily by participant exaggeration.”

Psychologists and anthropologists have thus far largely discounted the study, claiming it has the same bias as a 1971 Stanford University study that concluded that many Vietnamese showed signs of psychological trauma from nearly a quarter century of continuous war in southeast Asia. “We are, in truth, still a long way from determining if Iraqis are exhibiting actual, U.S.-grade sadness,” Mayo Clinic neuropsychologist Norman Blum said. “At present, we see no reason for the popular press to report on Iraqi emotions as if they are real.”

Human Rights Watch says “the governor of the Mexican state of Oaxaca should ensure that officials conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into allegations of excessive use of force and arbitrary arrests by police following a July 16 confrontation with protesters.”

UK police may be given power to take DNA samples in the street (Guardian, UK)

As if there’s not enough problems with crime lab contamination and corruption!


Germany the world’s leading solar power generator (ABC, Australia)

“The Government wants to raise the share of renewables to 27 per cent of all energy by 2020 from 13 per cent.”

UK MP proposes ‘acceptable behavior contracts’ for political dissidents “to prevent them from endangering the British public” (Guardian, UK)

South Asian floods displace 25 Million, kill at least 1400 (Agence France Presse via Yahoo)

Drug gangs use violence to sway vote in Guatemala (NYTimes)

EXCERPT: “In the campaigning leading up to elections on Sept. 9, the authorities have reported 61 violent attacks on candidates and political activists. The death toll is 26, including seven national congressmen and numerous other office seekers.”

DJP set to become majority party in Japan (JapanToday)

The LDP has had control of the Japanese government since it was formed in 1955.

Uganda confirms Marburg outbreak (BBC)


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