Fund the Wounded, not the war, and other news on the troops
July 31, 2007, 7:00 pm
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I previously posted an article by an anonymous soldier in Baghdad reporting atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers. Folks at the Weekly Standard and New York Times and Michelle Malkin cried “Liar”. He’s now decided to stand by his writing under his real name


Just a coincidence? : Four of Jessica Lynch’s rescuers have died convenient deaths (Propaganda Matrix)


Fund the Wounded, not the war (Counterpunch)

“The waiting list for VA medical care in the Seattle area alone is more than 3,000.”


Inside the Surge : Part One (Guardian, UK)

The Guardian’s award-winning photographer and filmmaker Sean Smith spent two months embedded with US troops in Baghdad and Anbar province. His harrowing documentary exposes the exhaustion and disillusionment of the soldiers.”


White House and Pentagon cite executive privilege to hold up Pat Tillman documents (Raw Story)


Cannon fodder needed : Army offering $20,000 bonuses to new and prior service recruits joining, selecting any job and shipping out for training within 30 days. (WLWT TV Cincinnati)


$3 Million Project Victory sits idle (Houston Chronicle)

EXCERPT: “A free, highly regarded brain-injury program sits idle. Project Victory, the creation of the staff at Memorial Hermann/TIRR, has a three-year, $3 million budget, plus equipment, space, and perhaps most importantly, three decades of institutional experience in treating brain injuries. What the program does not have is patients.

Cynthia Adkins, executive director of The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Foundation, says patients were supposed to come at least in part from the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Administration Medical Center. Instead, the VA staff started their own community re-entry program. It was up and running in June, one month after Adkins got word Project Victory was funded. “We don’t want to slam the VA,” Adkins said. “We’ll just have to beat the bushes for patients from around the state and around the country. Our program is incredible and ready to go.

U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Memorial Hermann/TIRR No. 4 among all the rehabilitation hospitals in the country. The magazine did not rank any VA hospital among its top 25.”


The Death Mask of War (Adbusters)

“Chris Hedges, who graduated from seminary at Harvard Divinity School, was a foreign correspondent for nearly two decades for The New York Times and other publications. In his book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (Public Affairs, 2002), Hedges gives an account of the ‘intoxication’ of war, which he covered in regions around the world, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, the Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo. His most recent book is American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (Free Press, 2007).”



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mullah cimoc say usa and the usa govt not having the good record for tell iraq war truth.

for this not believe unless concreting proof. now story so suspicious. to organize for come from every control media source in usa.

remember, no such thing as left press or the right press in usa, all him corporate media-cooperate with start war never to ask questioning.

This the logical: usa govt and media lying about nearly everything aspect of iraq war. when multiple media source simultaneous story this showing the organize media control. everywhere in usa now control media say: usa win now, usa win now. Mullah cimoc think this the propaganda technical use for control usa people.

what him guerilla fighter do historical when “surge” coming, for example chinese guerillas army mao tse tung against japonese occupier. A: him guerilla go swim in ocean, then occupier army use all energy to run to and fro and then the exhaustion, and so hot and then stagger, finally barracuda coming.

usa people needing the kindness, not the cruel and the torture. not to beleive usa control media so lying and wicked.

Comment by mullah cimoc

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