This Week’s International News
July 28, 2007, 5:58 pm
Filed under: economy, imperialism, International news, news, politics, poverty, war


Peruvians know how to protest (Ten Percent blog)


Enabling the Indonesian Military since 1965 (Antiwar)


UN: 10,000 Somalis fled Mogadishu last week alone (AP via MParent blog)


Panic in Zimbabwe; inflation over 50% (Guardian, UK)


African states oppose US presence (Guardian, UK)


Ontario opens up new area for homeless, an outdoor living space in an isolated, untraveled area of vacant lots (San Bernadino County Sun)


Mugabe’s Economics of Despair (Telegraph, UK)


Belgian politician launches into French national anthem by mistake (Int’l Herald Tribune)

EXCERPT: “Some Belgian commentators said Leterme’s ignorance was a healthy sign of a nation free of nationalism. “I can understand why some people think it is ridiculous,” said Bernard Bulcke, the European correspondent for De Standaard, the leading Flemish newspaper. “But one must remember that Belgium was an artificial construction, we have been invaded throughout our history by other powers and created by them. Maybe it is positive that nationalism doesn’t exist in Belgium. So we can’t sing the national anthem. Who cares?”


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