Environmental News


New Jersey nuclear plant leaking radiation, but it was unreported because a nuclear plant in Japan is leaking (NJ1015 FM and Guardian, UK)


Defiant Gardens (Space and Culture blog and Pruned blog)

EXCERPT: “Defiant gardens are gardens created during times of extreme crisis, built behind the trenches of World War I, on both sides of the Western Front; in Jewish ghettos and Nazi concentration camps during World War II; in POW and civilian internment camps of both wars, tended to by prisoners and their captors; in internment camps for Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II; in garrisons, depots and battalion headquarters; in refugee camps; on the hollowed out concavities left behind by the Blitz. They are “short-lived, their marks on the land quickly obliterated.”


Eating beef is less green than driving (Telegraph, UK)


Public list of military nuclear accidents (Wikipedia with heavy footnotes)


The Green Leap Forward : article on China’s growing pollution problem and how they’re dealing with it (Washington Monthly)


Researchers develop inexpensive, easy process to produce solar panels, painted or printed on flexible plastic sheets (PhysOrg)


Small melting glaciers will speed sea rise (National Geographic)


“Air New Zealand and airliner manufacturer Boeing are secretly working with Blenheim-based biofuel developer Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation to create the world’s first environmentally friendly aviation fuel, made of wild algae.” (Stuff, New Zealand)


The “House Natural Resources Committee said Tuesday they will hold a July 31 hearing to look into the role Vice President Dick Cheney may have played in the 2002 die-off of about 70,000 salmon near the California-Oregon border.… Democrats called the hearing last month after The Washington Post reported that Cheney played a key role in developing a 10-year water plan for the Klamath River that courts later called arbitrary and in violation of the Endangered Species Act. Rahall and other Democrats charged that Cheney’s action resulted in the largest adult salmon kill in the history of the West.” (Mercury News)


Oxygen depleted ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico is growing (CNN)


San Mateo County has climbed aboard the green bandwagon, adopting a plan to consume less water and energy by 2020. The plan, called the “San Mateo County Energy Strategy,” calls for lowering energy consumption by 25% and water use by 10%, said County Supervisor Jerry Hill. “It’s doable and it is ambitious,” he said. (KCBS)


Genetically engineered rice in US food supply (CNN)


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